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March 30, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Kitchen 2019When you belong to an online alien doomsday cult you sort of have to expect this kind of thing to happen. Barbara Rogers entered the Monroe County Courthouse in Pennsylvania for her trial in the death of her boyfriend Stephen Mineo. Police say Rogers shot Mineo in the head at a home near Tobyhanna. Apparently, the two had been drinking, but the catalyst for deadly lover's quarrel, according to Rogers, was something called "Sherry Shriner" that the both of them belonged to.

According to court documents Rogers and Mineo were out at a nearby bar until 2 a.m. Rogers says the couple had a few drinks but were not drunk. Once they got home, the victim suggested they go into the woods behind their house and shoot his gun. Always a fun nightcap to an evening of boozing.

When they went back inside Rogers claims they were in their bedroom when Mineo put the gun to his own head, wrapped her hands around the weapon and told her to pull the trigger.

According to investigators, Rogers called 911 to report the shooting. She told dispatchers, "My boyfriend had a gun. He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he's dead!"

Rogers claims she didn't know the gun was loaded and calls the shooting an accident. The prosecution says the shooting was not an accident and that Rogers could have prevented it.

According to investigators, Rogers and Mineo belonged to "Sherry Shriner," an online cult centered on aliens and the end of the world. Rogers claims the cult turned against her and Mineo, and because of those problems, Mineo wanted her to kill him.

Rogers pled no guilty to a charge of third-degree murder.


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I'd Walk a Mile for a Weight-Lifting Camel

Apparently there is not a lot of entertainment in Pakistan. That must be why they torture camels for fun. Okay, 'torture' might be a strong word for it, but I doubt the camels enjoy having thousand of pounds of rocks tied to their backs in bizarre weight-lifting competitions. Animal rights activists have blasted the 'barbaric' camel weight-lifting contest which sees animals loaded up with packs of rocks then forced to stand. On the day of the event, bags of stones are weighed in front of competitors before being placed on the humps and the backs of competing camels. The camels then stand up and are made to walk around briefly. PETA director Elisa Allen said: 'Camels are intelligent, sensitive individuals, and treating them as living cranes for human amusement adds to the many types of abuse, including their eventual slaughter. This year's event was won by a British man, 20-year-old Qasim Hussain, who lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Qasim's four-year-old camel lifted bags of rocks weighing a staggering 1.7tons, the equivalent of a small car.

Where's Geraldo Rivera When You Need Him?

The owner of a restaurant in a historic Chicago building said he discovered an underground vault that could potentially contain a mobster's missing money. Grant DePorter said he was clearing out some unused space in the corner of the basement at Harry Caray's restaurant when he discovered what appeared to be a doorway in the brick wall that was closed up with newer bricks. "I went to the Chicago History Museum and they got the plans. This was the vault for the building," DePorter told local news. DePorter said the building once belonged to mobster Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti and his wife, Annette. Nitti, who took over for Al Capone when the infamous mob boss went to prison, died with several million dollars unaccounted for. DePorter said he is hoping to find a means of exploring what's behind the wall without tearing it down. He said he is looking into the possibility of using an ultrasound machine before deciding whether to break through the wall.


There is a difference between "holding a pair of her underwear" and "wearing her panties." Which was it?
[Maybe he was holding them, and then put them on for the pics.]

That cop should have known better. Shakespeare said it 400 years ago, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. Did he really think he could just bang her a few times and then blow her off with no consequences? Has he never met a woman before?
[That quote is from William Congreve, not William Shakespeare, but I completely agree.]

I hope the guy who stole a bus to get to work at least left the fare behind on the driver's seat, or something.