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March 21, 2019

Greetings Laff Lovers,

The last time my wife dropped one of her rings down the drain I spent and hour with my head under the vanity dismantling and reassembling the drain pipe. I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times I've had to do that (3 so far). But you can eliminate that job and a number of other inconvenient tasks with one really fun little tool.

How would you like to be able to see down drains, behind cabinets and appliances, and inside walls and vents? With the Lizard Cam you can! This is exactly like the flexible camera technology you've seen on TV. A spy wants to see what's going on inside a room so he slides a tiny camera on a flexible tube underneath the door.

You're not a spy (at least I don't think you are), but you will find plenty of uses for this great technology around your home.

Something stuck down a drain? Take a look with the Lizard Cam. Yes, it's waterproof. And if that 'something' happens to be jewelry, or something stuck in the drain causing a clog, this kit comes with 3 head attachments: a hook to snag jewelry or other obstructions; a mirror for seeing around corners; and a magnet to pick up lost screws and other hardware.

Have poor airflow in your ductwork? Find out what's blocking it with the Lizard Cam. Have some moisture or maybe critter noises coming from behind a wall? You'll know what it is in a minute.

For even more great uses click here to watch a short video.

The first time you use the Lizard Cam to recover some valuable item or save yourself some expensive repair, it is going to pay for itself and THEN SOME. Click here to get yours now and you're gonna be a hero when your spouse or friend or neighbor needs it.


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"Scientists have discovered that men are genetically programed to look at other women. So sorry, ladies, it's science. I've got to do what I've got to do." -Conan O'Brien

My wife asked me, "When you're on a boys only trip away, do you think about me?"

Apparently "Only to stop myself from cumming too quickly" wasn't the right answer.

Turn Your Backyard into a Tropical Paradise! Get the Solar-Powered Torches Before They're Gone

"Florida police arrested a woman this weekend in a storage unit facility after she had assaulted her husband during an argument over which sex position is best. She had argued for missionary, while he had argued for 'in a storage facility.'" -Seth Meyers

Flashlight DeptOne day a boy comes home from school and says, "Dad I need to know the meaning of hypothetically and realistically for school."

The father replies, "OK, go ask your mother if she would sleep with a strange man for 1 million dollars."

So the little boy goes and asks and sure enough she says yes.

His dad says, "Now go ask your sister if she would sleep with a strange man for a million dollars."

He does and sure enough she says yes.

So the father says, "You see son, hypothetically we are sitting on 2 million bucks, but realistically we are living with a couple of whores."