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March 09, 2019

Howdy Folks,

Kitchen 2019Finally the ice and snow is all melted thanks to the weather warmin up. It's always a great time of year cuz i get to discover all of those lost items that were lost in that winter wonderland of a yard I got.

This year i found 3 cars, 8 mowers, 4 rakes, 46 squeaky dog toys, 12 ashtrays, 8 lawn darts, 1 boat, and a grill thats ready for use.

It's like i stumbled upon relicks from a lost era of man. Seriouly, it could be a great tv program show on the Discovery Chanel. Entertainin and educatin. That's me to a T!

Take Care Y'all

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the dog is no match for the cat burglar

the cat always wins at hide and seek.

I know that cat's hanging around somewhere in here

Mission impossible

Just hanging out with the dog.

A challenge makes one rise to the top


Ninja cat has skills.

I swear I saw a cat come in here!

Hey, what's up?

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