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March 01, 2019

Hey Everyone!

99 cent showFinally...March is here, and spring is right around the corner! Hip Hip Hooray!

Who is up for doing a good deed? I love sharing these website with you to help out others.

Let's keep our troops comfortable.

Do you have baby powder or foot powder to spare? If so, please send to Packages From Home (

They'll include it in care packages they ship to troops, who use it to keep their feet dry and comfortable on long missions.

Mail to:
Packages From Home
5643 N. 52nd Ave.
Glendale, Arizona 85301

Handy Hints Holly
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Ahhh the relief - that's what you'll say when you slip these Gloves on

Hint 1: Wipe your bedside table each morning

Keep wipes near your bedside table, and give your bedside table a quick wipe when picking up your phone in the morning. That’s one less chore to tackle on the weekend.

Hint 2: Save Excess Bacon Fat

It's almost un-American to throw away bacon fat. Store the useful (if admittedly unhealthy) stuff in an airtight aluminum or stainless steel container in the freezer, and use it to make corn bread or fry eggs or potatoes.

You can also use bacon fat instead of oil in a spinach salad: Combine two parts bacon fat to three parts balsamic vinegar. Add one part vegetable oil to the mix if you like a less pungent dressing.

Rid your lawn or garden of pesky rodents once and for all with our BEST-SELLING Solar Powered Gopher Chaser

'Go Green' Hint: Plant some trees

Ecological sustainability is very important when it comes to eco-friendly living. Without a stable ecosystem, things start to fall apart.

Making sure that we’re planting more native trees to replace those that have been felled to make room for developments is something that more people and businesses need to do to protect the environment and improve air quality.

I, Handy Hints Holly, challenge you to NOT love this... plus it is below cost!