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February 26, 2019

Greetings Thrifty Friends,

How would you like to be able to see down drains, behind cabinets and appliances, and inside walls and vents? With the Lizard Cam you can! This is exactly like the flexible camera technology you've seen on TV. A spy wants to see what's going on inside a room so he slides a tiny camera on a flexible tube underneath the door.

Sale 99centOkay, so you're not a spy (at least I don't think you are), but you will find plenty of uses for this great technology around your home.

Something stuck down a drain? Take a look with the Lizard Cam. Yes, it's waterproof. And if that 'something' happens to be jewelry, or something stuck in the drain causing a clog, this kit comes with 3 head attachments: a hook to snag jewelry or other obstructions; a mirror for seeing around corners; and a magnet to pick up lost screws and other hardware.

Have poor airflow in your ductwork? Find out what's blocking it with the Lizard Cam. Have some moisture or maybe critter noises coming from behind a wall? You'll know what it is in a minute.

For even more great uses click here to watch a short video.

The first time you use the Lizard Cam to recover some valuable item or save yourself some expensive repair, it is going to pay for itself and THEN SOME.

Click here to get yours now and you're gonna be a hero when your spouse or friend or neighbor needs it.

Keep pinchin' those pennies,

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One of my favorite things to say is, 'If it's free, it's for me.'

I rarely turn down a free sample, or a free gift, or a free drink for that matter. So I'm pleased as punch to be able to bring you a 'FREEBIE' from

Everyone can find a use for this convenient
Lens and Electronics Cleaning Kit. It's great for anyone who regularly uses phone and tablet screens, cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, computers or wears glasses.

Included is a bottle of ammonia-free lens cleaner solution that is safe and effective for prescription glasses and all types of lenses. You also get a soft microfiber cloth, a pack of cotton swabs, a pack of lens cleaning paper sheets and a blower brush.

$0.00. Just pay shipping.

Click here for more details or to order your FREE kit.