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February 19, 2019

Hey Everyone!

99 cent showWinter months bring darker days - meaning your lights are on more, but that doesn't have to power up your utility bill.

Just swap out your traditional bulbs for super-efficient LED bulbs!! They use up to 90% less energy than old-school ones, which in turn means you can save big bucks on your energy bill over thir 10-year lifetime. In face, replacing your five most used light fixtures can save you $45 a year!

What are you waiting for? Make the switch!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Get Organized in Minutes: Clean On The Fly

To keep the house clean without a lot of effort, make use
of "wait time" in your day.

Wipe down the refrigerator doors as you wait for water to boil. Sort the magazine stack during television commercials, or straighten the coat closet when waiting for a family member. Micro-cleaning makes good use of spare minutes, and goes a long way to keeping things organized on the fly.

Hint 2: Clear A Clogged Shower Head with White Vinegar

If your shower head isn't pulsing as strongly as usual, the culprit can be mineral deposits from hard water.

Dissolve obstructions overnight in a bath of white vinegar. Place 1/2 cup white vinegar in a plastic food storage bag, and pull the bag up around the shower head. Secure with a rubber band for 8-12 hours to restore shower flow to full strength.

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'Go Green' Hint: Don’t drive

If you can make the journey by foot, bike or public transport, then do it. Driving, unless you’re in an electric vehicle, isn’t very eco-friendly and can really add to your carbon footprint.

When you do have to drive, make sure that you get the most out of your vehicle by keeping the speed down, ensuring tires are properly inflated and that the engine is running smoothly.