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February 18, 2019

Hello beautiful,

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It's Katie bringing you another week of tips, hints, styles, and trends to help you look and feel your best!

Did you know that every blood type reacts to food differently? Have you ever noticed how sometimes those can things still can make you lethargic, have indigestion problems, or don't really have the desired effect you want?

If you eat according to your blood type instead of according to the latest fad or trend it can be beneficial to your health, help you live longer and just be all around healthier. Chemical reactions occur in your blood with every piece of food you eat.

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Type O: People with the Type O blood type are generally leaders. They are energetic, and focused. These groups should have a diet with protein rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Beans, grains and dairy should be eaten lightly on a daily basis, since they are not as necessary.

To lose weight, eat seafood, red meat, spinach and broccoli. Don't eat corn, wheat, lentils, or cabbage. Eat salt to lower the levels of iodine in your body to allow you optimal thyroid function.

Type A: People with Type A blood type (positive or negative) tend to have bad digestive systems and tend to avoid food coming from animals. They prefer vegetarian foods, such as legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables. They are generally responsible, hardworking, crave success, detail oriented, cool minded, and constantly worry about perfection!

These people should try to stick more to the soybeans, vegetables and pineapples to lose weight. Avoid meat, dairy products, beans and wheat though.

Type A blood groups produce less meat-digesting enzymes, which can cause issues with digesting red meats, so they should limit their intakes of fish and poultry. Wheat, grains and cereals should be a consistent part of a Type A blood groups diet.

Type B: People with Type B blood type (positive or negative) are stubborn in nature! They march to their own beat and tend to find jobs that they like because they are not as cooperative as others would like.

They can digest meat products with ease. Most meals should contain red meats such as beef, venison, and lamb. Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk should be included in your diet as well. Leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits will also benefit Type B blood groups in weight loss!

It would be best for this blood group to avoid grains, corn, rye and wheat. They should also avoid peanuts, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds since they will change your metabolism.

Type AB: People with Type AB blood type are the newest and rarest blood type. They have traits from both A and B blood types. They are difficult to read and can be volatile. They will help people out, but only on their own terms.

Type AB blood groups can digest meats but also tend to store it as fat because they have a low metabolism. This group would be better off eating seafood such as tuna, salmon, snapper, etc.

This group should have vegetable rich foods, and eat tofu, dairy products and fruits like watermelon, cherries, and figs in their diet! Avoid meats like beef, pork, and shellfish and only consume moderate amounts of caffeine and alcohol.
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