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February 16, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

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Most people would consider waking up, still drunk, in a box at a landfill with no recollection of what happened, the conclusion of a very bad night. But on the other hand, this story happened in Texas, so...

The woman in question was found alive in a box at a dump in Irving, Texas, nine miles from where she had last been seen.

She was spotted by a passerby, who saw what was believed to be a half naked woman's body in a box near the entrance to the dump around 9 a.m.

Police say the woman was with a friend at a nightclub several hours earlier.

The woman needed help getting to her car, so a man offered to help while the woman's friend got their car. Both were gone when her friend got back with their car. That's when the woman's friend called Dallas Police and reported her missing.

Irving Police say the woman was very drunk when they found her.

Initial exams showed no signs of sexual assault. The woman said she doesn't remember how she ended up at the landfill.


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Marijuana Smokers Find a Tiger?

Police said a group of people broke into an abandoned Houston home to smoke marijuana and quickly discovered they weren't alone -- there was a tiger in the house. The Houston Police Department said the people called the 311 non-emergency line when they broke into the southeast Houston home, which was believed to be unoccupied, and discovered a tiger in a cage. A BARC Animal Shelter crew responded to the home with the Houston police's Major Offender Animal Cruelty Unit and tranquilized the tiger, nicknamed "Tyson" by rescuers after the famous scene in The Hangover featuring boxer Mike Tyson's tiger. Police said the tiger, which appeared well fed and in good health, is being taken to an undisclosed animal sanctuary. Investigators said it is legal to own a tiger in Texas with the proper wildlife permits, but it is not legal to keep such an animal in the city of Houston.

That's A Lot of Money for a Stuffed Penis

Top SellersDo you think this person is compensating for something? An unidentified bidder just paid nearly $6,000 for a taxidermied sperm whale penis from the late 19th century. The phallus was part of the second annual "Out of the Ordinary" auction at Sworders in the United Kingdom. Mark Wilkinson, a specialist at Sworders, says, "It's basically the height of myself at nearly five-and-a-half feet long, and nearly one foot wide at its thickest part." Hundreds of years ago sailors were said to store tobacco in whale penises like this one, to keep the tobacco moist and fresh over the duration of a long journey. A five-and-a-half foot whale penis will make a nice addition to someone's bedroom. Or maybe displayed over a bar.


Having 4 boobs could have its advantages, like for threesomes... etc.
[I wasn't going to go there, but I knew someone would.]

it's a shame that even in this day & age that so many women still think that bigger is better. IT'S NOT! small is just as beautiful & sexy as big. some of us men actually prefer small. i've seen women who looked fantastic w/small breasts, ruin their looks w/implants. the vast majority of implants don't look natural. if ur significant other is pressuring u to do it, find a real man who appreciates u, just the way u r.
[I tend to agree.]