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February 16, 2019

Howdy Folks,

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My wife told me that wee needed to de-frost the fridge cuz it was a startin to get a bit too icy in the freezer part. Actually, we were cleanin all of the appliances in our kitchen area and I was put incharge of the fridge. My wife took the stove and my oldest boy, Orville, was to take care of the microwave.

My wife kept tellin me to get de-frostin and I kept procratinatin (that's word was a big'un). But I convinced my boy to trade jobs with me cuz I knew somethin he didn't. I told him that he was growin up and it was time for him to get to do a big job like the fridge defrostin. He agreed and got to it.

Later my wife saw me sittin on the couch, drinkin beer, and watchin Starsky and Hutch re-runs. She asked me what the heck I was doin there and I told her that my work in the kitchen was done.

I said, "I traded jobs with Orville and he's on fridge duty and I handled the microwave. Actually I tricked him cuz I noticed that the microwave has a de-frost button and fridge don't. With the push of a button my work was done and here we are... it's Miller Time!"

I'm pretty smart, eh?

Take Care Y'all

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