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February 15, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Holly here popping in today to share one of my absolute favorite products!

SmellWell Pouches. . .have you heard of them?

These little gems are one of the most effective products that I have tried to date to eliminate tough odor AND infuse a nice, pleasant, clean and refreshing smell to the affect area. Yep, it actually Smells Well!

This isn't anything new, activated carbon has been used for hundreds of years. BUT these scientists took it one step further and combined it with a proprietary and patented blend of salts and minerals with hygroscopic properties, which is great for nasty, musty, sweaty smells!

This same proprietary blend give you a wonderful natural clean and fresh scent!

All is enclosed in a non-woven inner bag that acts as a membrane allowing the moisture and stink to be absorbed and trapped ... while letting the wonderful fresh scent out.

Let me tell you, THESE WORK GREAT! You can use them all over your house, in your car, at the office, in your gym bag, in your shoes... ANYWHERE you want to get rid of that funky smell!

Now that my nephew's play sports year round I gave my sister a few to place in their sports bag - which if you are a parent you know how disgustingly smelly those can get. She LOVED them, and has requested more!

This is Handy Hints Holly approved - I highly recommend this item. Place this anywhere you are looking to add a fresh clean scent to.

Stop by and check out the SmellWell Pouches