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February 13, 2019

Hey Everyone!

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Looking to paint a room in your home in the near future? Here's a quick money saving tip that you may not be aware of.

As you know a new coat of paint can refresh any room, but at $30 per gallon, the cost can quickly add up.

Ask about returned or clearance paint at the store. The big-box retailers such as Lowe's and Home Depot sell paint that has been returned by customers who weren't happy with the color - the paint itself it perfectly fine - they just sell at a steep discount. your local recycling center. Many homeowners and local businesses dispose of unwanted paints and stains, and most of it is in good condition - and the center may let you have it for pennies.

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One of the most useful and versatile lights (X2) for your home!

Hint 1: Update your counters for less

If your counters need a upgrade don't call a contractor - just pick up a can of countertop paint!

Now of days they have some great resin-based countertop kits on the market that are super easy to use and can transform even the most outdated counter surfaces and make them look like marble, Silestone, and more - it's really an easy DIY that will look like you spent a fortune on.

Check out kits by Rustoleum and Gianni in home-improvement stores - they cost between $60 - $100! What a steal!

Hint 2: Spend Less on Tools

Isn't frustrating when you need a tool you don't own for one simple project, and that you won't use again?

Check out your local library, there are nearly 100 across the country that allow you to borrow tools for little to no cost.

If there is no lending library by you consider renting a tool from your local hardware store or the big-box Home Depot or Lowe's.

Just make sure whatever tool you are renting isn't 'commerical grade' or too complicated for a nonprofessional to use.

All kinds of great stuff at $4 OR LESS...

'Go Green' Hint: Replace Your Lightbulbs

Incandescent light bulbs create as much heat as they do light, and home electronics stay hot even when they’re on standby.

So shut ’em off completely to save energy and cool things down a notch. And consider replacing old bulbs with Energy Star bulbs, which produce 75% less heat.