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February 09, 2019

Howdy Folks,

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I tell u what...I'm gettin tired of this cold weather. It's bean so cold lately that when I'm out drivin my garbage truck, or as I call it "the ol' rummage rambler" the ice has been built up so bad that I can bearrly see where to stop to get the cans, let alone the road itself. I know I ain't the only one with this pardicament.

Well, I'm tired of freezin my butt off srapping my windshield and window. Now, I let the Heated Ice Scraper do the work and melt ice in just seconds!

Unlike yer average scrapper this Heated Ice Scraper has a built-in heatin element that melts all that ice and frost as it glides all across yer windshield. Oh, and that flexible mini squeegee part really helps when I'm gettin rid a that snow and moisture, too!

Every mornin I plug this bad boy into my truck's lighter port and get that high-powered 12V Dc cord heatin fast. And the extra long 15 foot cord its got is perfect for fer reachin all them front, side, and rear windows that i use fer seein thru.

I really hate seein good folks like you freezin and shiverin while scrappin there car windows, so get yerself a Heated Ice Scraper and have your problems with frosty windshields and such just melt away. If it good enuff fer Jethro...

Head on over to PulseTV and order yers today, right here: Heated Ice Scraper

And now that we broke the ice... let's see them Phunny Pictures!

Take Care Y'all

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