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February 02, 2019

Howdy Folks,

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Hey, its Groundhog Day, right? I just don't understand why a varmint like a groundhog has the power to say weather er not the winter'll be long or short, cold or warm, high or low.

In my experince groundhogs are not very clever or smart or strong or tastie, so what's the big deal?

That Punxsutawney Phil must know somebody in the mayor's office or the guy who runs the VFW fish fry. Oh, or maybe he has rabies and he holdin the hole town of Punxsutawney hostage with his foamy mouth and sharp teeth.

Wait, maybe his shadow is like Peter Pans shadow and has a mind of its own and that's what the deal is. He has a special shadow and Phil is just a victim of cercumstance. Poor Phil.

Wow, when i put my mind to something...I think of some weird stuff. Darn groundhogs and their political connections.

Take Care Y'all

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