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January 31, 2019

Hey Everyone!

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Is everyone going to be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday?

Are you hosting or have a party to attend?

Today I'm featuring some Super Bowl party ideas. Let's start with...

Football fans will be glued to the TV — and aren't known for being the cleanest bunch — so let your coffee table be the center of all the action.

Get the space ready in a flash by purchasing a roll of fun wrapping paper and using it to cover any endangered surfaces. A brightly colored masking tape can be used to tape down the edges of the paper, and instantly your table will be covered and protected, without the fuss of a tablecloth.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: The Spread

What Super Bowl party would be complete without lots and lots of snacking?

Keep your guests fully satisfied by arranging your entire spread on the coffee table where it's easily accessible.

Don't forget small snack plates and napkins for easy snacking, and keep an eye out for any dishes that need replenishing throughout the game.

Side note: There are certain snack foods that everyone expects at a Super Bowl party, and chips and guacamole is one of them. Set out a heaping bowl of everyone's favorite Mexican-inspired appetizer, along with other bar snacks like popcorn, marinated olives and chips n' dip.

Hint 2: Don't Forget To Clean Your TV

The day before the party, do some strategic dusting.

Everybody will be focused on teh TV, so that last thing you want is any smudges or dust blocking your view - especially of Tom Brady :)

For plasma screens, gently wipe down your TV screen with a microfiber cloth.

If the screen is glass, lightly mist it with window cleaner and buff the glass until it's clear.