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January 27, 2019

Greetings Laff Lovers,

Sale 99centIf you have turned on the Internet in the last few days you have heard about the 'conflict' between the high school kid wearing a MAGA hat and the native American demonstrating at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The initial story was a real nightmare, and it all started with a picture. The picture was of the snotty, pasty-faced little kid in his red Make America Great Again hat, grinning like a retard in the face of a venerable, old Indian who was calmly banging a tribal drum. It didn't help that the high school kid was surrounded by 20 or so of his classmates, all white and appearing to act like wild animals.

The way it was portrayed by the news media was that this gang of white supremacists mobbed this peaceful demonstrator while yelling racial slurs in an attempt to intimidate him. The entire story was concocted from about 60 seconds of video, from which that damning image was taken.

As you can imagine, Twitter, Facebook, the news media, talk show hosts and talking heads all went insane over the story within hours. A few extremists on social media even suggested that the little monsters should be murdered. Well, how else are you going to fight racism? Exterminate it. Kill it at the root. A dead 14-year-old racist won't turn into a dangerous 40-year-old racist.

Within 48 hours the kid in the picture was doxxed (that is his personal documentation was found and made public) and he began receiving death threats, his parents began receiving threats, even his school began receiving threats. They had to cancel classes because they were afraid someone was going to fire bomb it.

It was great news.

Unfortunately, none of it was true. Eventually a nearly 2 hour video of the entire event surfaced and it appears the facts are almost the exact opposite of the narrative that sprang to life online. The high school kids were waiting for a bus. THEY were the target of racial harassment. And the old Indian demonstrator crossed the mall to confront THEM, selecting the kid in the MAGA hat to stand in front of and bang a drum in his face.

But that hasn't stopped the news media. Some sources are STILL repeating the original story. It's hard to blame them. A great story like that doesn't come along every day.

What do you think? There is a poll up on and I'd love to see your opinion. Once you vote you can see what everybody else thinks.



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