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January 17, 2019

Hey Everyone!

Wheel of FortuneToday's issue is a bit a different than your typical Handy Hints.

I'm going to feature items you can use twice before tossing it in the garbage. Here's your first one regarding tissue boxes.

Once they’re empty you can use these as a plastic bag dispenser, just fill with grocery bags and you’ll be able to neatly pull out one at a time.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1:

Dry Cleaning Bags: Use to pack suits, dresses and fine clothing when traveling, this will help protect it from wrinkles when packing. When storing the bags make sure to keep them safely out of reach of children, they really are that dangerous.

Butter Wrappers: Once you’ve removed a block of butter from its wrapping, place the wrapping in a plastic container or bag and refrigerate. Use it to grease baking pans.

Stop the stink and let your home Smell Well

Hint 2:

Used Envelopes: Cut a corner off envelopes and use as bookmark corner sleeves–just slide one over the page you are at and you’ll find your place easily the next time you pick up the book.

No more folded corners and nice way to utilize used envelopes! You can also use envelopes for To Do lists, store garden seeds, and as bookmarks and labels.

'Go Green' Hint: Do your clothes a favor and switch off the dryer

Hang clothes outside to dry naturally when possible.

Not only will the material will last longer, it will smell and feel fresher and of course, you are saving on that power usage!