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January 12, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Top SellersHave you ever heard of lucid dreaming? A lucid dream is one where the dreamer becomes aware that he or she is dreaming. Apparently there are several levels of lucid dreaming. In the final level the dreamer can actually take control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

This is a well-documented phenomenon. Well, maybe well-reported is a better description, because there is no way to 'document' a lucid dream other than through the account of a person who has had one.

More importantly, lucid dreaming is supposed to be the first step in astral projection. Now, astral projection is much more in the realm of science fiction than lucid dreaming, even taking into account any experiments the U.S. military may or may not have conducted in it during the 70s and 80s. But if one exists, why not the other?

I have always believed strongly in lucid dreaming (and I have even been open minded about astral projection), but I have never had any experience with it - until recently.

Last Friday night a terrible headache kept me up until early in the morning. I had taken some pain killers, but the pain still kept me awake until I was practically delirious with exhaustion. When I finally did fall asleep it was a deep, dreamless sleep.

When I first became aware that I was dreaming, the dream seemed to be super-imposed upon the real world. It was almost morning and I became aware of my wife getting out of our bed in the soft, predawn light. I tried to get up with her, but I was paralyzed. That's when I realized I was dreaming. So I willed myself to follow her out of the bedroom. It seemed like I followed her through the hall and down the stairs into our kitchen.

That's when I became conscious of the fact that I didn't have a body, and I suddenly felt like I was suffocating. There was a sensation of falling and I had a terrible moment of panic. Then suddenly I found myself in a diner. Like a little family restaurant. Everything was crystal clear, but all of the colors seemed washed out, like sepia toned.

Then, out of all the people in the world, I saw sitting in a booth a friend of mine from college named Marty. The last time I saw Marty was 15 years ago, at his funeral.

I walked up to him and he smiled at me and said, "I was wondering when you would show up."

Everything was so real. I swear I could feel the formica of the tabletop under my fingertips.

That is when I woke up. I think my wife dropped something in the kitchen and the sound startled me. The amazing thing is when I woke up I felt incredibly energized. My head was clear as a bell, and I felt like running a marathon. And that feeling stayed with me all day.

Now that I have experienced a real, unequivocal lucid dream, I would love to hear from anybody else who has had a similar experience. A lot of it was terrifying, but I would do it again if I could only figure out how to initiate it.


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Lunch 'Change' Goes Up For Auction

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A rare Lincoln-head penny a Massachusetts teenager received in change for his school lunch is up for auction with a starting bid of $100,000. Heritage Auctions said the 1943 penny, one of only about 20 to be pressed using bronze instead of the steel amid World War II shortages, came into the possession of 16-year-old coin collector Don Lutes, Jr., when he received it in change for his school lunch in 1947. Lutes, who had the coin authenticated in 1958 by expert Walter Breen during a New England Numismatic Association convention in Worcester, died in September of last year and the coin was given to Heritage to auction off. "While a number of other examples have surfaced over the years, no other specimen has been celebrated and written about as much as this remarkable coin," Heritage Auctions said. "This piece inspires a special pride of ownership not equaled by any other example. This lot represents a true 'once in a lifetime' opportunity." The auction began with an opening bid of $100,000. A similar 1943 bronze penny sold for $1.7 million in 2010.


How does it feel to not have to exaggerate a story's facts, Lewis? Only a female Floridian would do something like that, then tell deputies that she did it, and cap it all off with trying to plead not guilty in court.

The guy with the gun in his backside... Aside from it being done in Doctor Who. The engineering guy in me thinks where is the barrel pointed? And was it loaded? Was this for hollow arguments? Then all I can think of is Oww. -John