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January 11, 2019

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NewAllProductsToday, we are going to fight for truth, justice, and Lynda Carter, better known as superheroine Wonder Woman thanks to the title role of hit CBS '70s hit television series.

Let's toss out the Lasso of Truth and see what she's been up to these days.

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Sam Elliott: He appeared in the TV mini-series "Aspen" and the movies "Gettysburg" and "Tombstone", he was in the series "The Sacketts"

Soupy Sales: Comedian, numerous TV appearances, known for getting hit in the face with pies

Cicely Tyson: TV and movie actress, "Sounder", "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman"

(Answer at the bottom)

Lynda Carter

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Name: Lynda Carter

Birth Name: Linda Jean Cordova Carter

Born: July 24, 1951, Phoenix, Arizona

Claim To Fame: Best known for the Amazonian title role in the fantasy-adventure television series Wonder Woman which aired from 1975 to 1979.

Family Life: She has been married twice. She married her former agent Ron Samuels, in 1977. They were divorced in 1982. She has been married to attorney Robert Altman since 1984. They have two children, James and Jessica Altman.

Info: Carter attended Globe High School in Globe, Arizona and Arcadia High School, in Phoenix. She started college at Arizona State University, but dropped out to pursue a career in music after being voted the "most talented" student. She toured with several rock groups as a singer before returning to Arizona in 1972.

She found national fame when she won the Miss World USA title in 1972, representing Arizona. Following her win, she began taking acting classes and making appearances on TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch, Cos and Nakia and B-movies including her only nude appearances in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw.

Her acting career reached new heights when she landed the starring role in the Wonder Woman television series. She was adored by fans and critics alike, and to this day is still closely identified with the Wonder Woman character.

Carter starred in the 1983 biopic of Rita Hayworth titled Love Goddess, as well as many of her own television specials: Lynda Carter's Special (1980), Encore! (1980), Celebration (1981), Street Life (1982) and Body And Soul (1984). She made appearances on other short-lived TV series, and during the late 1970s, she recorded an album titled Portrait and had guest spots on variety television programs.

In 2001, she was cast in the independent comedy feature, Super Troopers, as, "Vermont Governor Jessman." She appeared in the 2005 big-screen remake of The Dukes of Hazzard, and in the film Sky High, as "Principal Powers," the head of a school for superheroes. The script allowed for Carter to poke fun at her most famous character when she states: "What a waste. I can't do anything more to help you. I'm not Wonder Woman, y'know."

Trivia: Performed in a band during high school called 'Just Us', which consisted of a marimba, a congo drum, an acoustic guitar, and a stand-up bass played by another girl.

Performed many of her own stunts on "Wonder Woman" (1976) including hanging from a helicopter, to the nervousness of CBS, during the second season episode "Anschluss '77".

Owns the DVD release rights to her television specials.

Half Irish, half Mexican.

Auditioned for the role of Captain Kathryn Janeway on "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995).

Daughter-in-law of television producer Sophie Altman.

Ranked #3 on Wizard magazine's "Sexiest Women of TV" list (March 2008).

Grew up an avid reader of the Wonder Woman comic books.

Has been involved in many charitable causes, including a pioneering role with the Susan G. Komen Foundation (for breast cancer education and research) in which she received the Jill Ireland Award for her volunteer work, the Red Cross, U.S.O., Ronald McDonald House, and many charities benefiting children.

Hosts the Lynda Carter Golf Tournament for charity.

Carter could be seen on a 2007 episode of Smallville, titled "Progeny," playing Chloe Sullivan's Kryptonite-empowered mother. She has done voiceovers for video games, performing voices for the nord and orsimer (orc) females in two computer games of The Elder Scrolls series, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

In 2005, she was "Mama Morton" in the West End London production of Chicago. Her rendition of "When You're Good to Mama" was officially released on the Chicago: 10th Anniversary Edition CD box set in October of 2006, prompting Carter to book her own cabaret tour act. She first performed from May 1-6, 2007, in San Francisco, at the York Hotel's Empire Plush Room, and proceeded to tour around the U.S.

Carter made the news last June when she found a body floating in the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. while rowing out of the Potomac Boat Club. She alerted some fishermen to call police and waited for them to arrive. That same month, she admitted in an interview to People magazine that she had entered a rehabilitation clinic for treatment of chronic alcoholism.

In the '70s, dated Burton "Blazing Saddles" Gilliam for 6-months.

Where Is She Now: On April 3, 2018, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce proudly honored Carter with the 2,632nd Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Star was dedicated in the category of 'Television' and is located at 6562 Hollywood Boulevard, California. Since 2016, Carter has been enjoyed her recurring role as President Olivia Marsdin on the hit CW TV series Supergirl.


2016-2018 Supergirl (TV Series)...President Olivia Marsdin
- Fallout (2018) ... President Olivia Marsdin
- American Alien (2018) ... President Olivia Marsdin
- Resist (2017) ... President Olivia Marsdin
- Distant Sun (2017) ... President Olivia Marsdin
- Welcome to Earth (2016) ... President Olivia Marsdin

2018 Super Troopers 2...Governor Jessman

2017 The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (Video Game)...Azura (voice)

2015 Fallout 4 (Video Game)...Magnolia (voice)

2014 Elder Scrolls Online (Video Game)...Azura (voice)

2013 Two and a Half Men (TV Series)...Lynda Carter

2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Video Game)...Gormlaith Golden-Hilt / Azura (voice)

2007 Tattered Angel...Hazel Anderson

2007 Smallville (TV Series)...Moira Sullivan

2006 Tempbot (Short)...Mary Alice

2006 Slayer (TV Movie)...Colonel Jessica Weaver

2006 The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park...Lynette

2006 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Video Game)...Female Nords / Female Orcs (voice)

2005 Law & Order (TV Series)...Lorraine Dillon

2005 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)...Lorraine Dillon

2005 The Dukes of Hazzard...Pauline

2005 Sky High...Principal Powers

2003 Hope & Faith (TV Series)...Summer Kirkland

2003 Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon (Video Game)...Female Nords (voice)

2003 Terror Peak (TV Movie)...Dr. Janet Fraser

2002 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Video Game)...Female Nords (voice)

2001 Super Troopers...Governor Jessman

1998 Family Blessings (TV Movie)...Lee Reston

1998 Someone to Love Me (TV Movie)...Diane Young

1997 A Prayer in the Dark (TV Movie)...Emily Hayworth

1996 She Woke Up Pregnant (TV Movie)...Susan Saroyan

1996 A Secret Between Friends: A Moment of Truth Movie (TV Movie)...Kathryn Archer

1994-1995 Hawkeye (TV Series)...Elizabeth Shields

1993 Lightning in a Bottle...Charlotte Furber

1991 Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories (TV Movie)...Meredith Lanahan

1991 Daddy (TV Movie)...Charlotte Sampson

1989 Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All (TV Movie)...Helen Durant

1987 Stillwatch (TV Movie)...Patricia Traymore

1984 Partners in Crime (TV Series)...Carole Stanwyck

1983 Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess (TV Movie)...Rita Hayworth

1982 Hotline (TV Movie)...Brianne O'Neill

1981 Born to Be Sold (TV Movie)...Kate Carlin

1980 The Last Song (TV Movie)...Brooke Newman

1975-1979 Wonder Woman (TV Series)...Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

1976 Starsky and Hutch (TV Series)...Vicky

1976 Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw...Bobbie Jo Baker

1975 Matt Helm (TV Series)...Bobbi Dee

1975 A Matter of Wife... and Death (TV Movie)...Zelda

1974 Nakia (TV Series)...Helen Chase

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Sam Elliott - ALIVE
Born: 08/09/1944

Soupy Sales - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 01/08/1926 Died: 10/22/2009

Cicely Tyson - ALIVE
Born: 12/19/1933


Erminio Boso [it], 73, Italian politician, Senator (1992-1996), heart attack.
Larry Cunningham, 67, American singer (The Floaters).
Pierre de Bané, 80, Canadian politician.
Philippe de Lannoy, 96, Belgian nobleman.
Alfredo del Mazo González, 75, Mexican politician, Governor of the State of Mexico (1981-1986).
Rick Forzano, 90, American football coach (Detroit Lions).
Kevin Fret, 24, Puerto Rican musician, shot.
Juan Francisco Reyes, 80, Guatemalan politician, Vice President (2000-2004).
Patrick Malrieu [fr], 73, French activist.
John Michels, 87, American football player (Tennessee Volunteers) and coach (Minnesota Vikings).
Dianne Oxberry, 51, British broadcaster (BBC North West Tonight).
Ron Smith, 94, British comic artist (Judge Dredd).

Ian Adamson, 74, Northern Irish politician, Lord Mayor of Belfast (1996-1997), MLA (1998-2003).
Fernando Aiuti, 83, Italian immunologist and politician, fall.
Verna Bloom, 80, American actress (Animal House, High Plains Drifter, The Last Temptation of Christ), complications from dementia.
Francesco Dal Bosco [it], 63, Italian film director.
Óscar González-Quevedo, 88, Spanish-born Brazilian Jesuit priest and parapsychologist, heart disease.
Joseph Lawson Howze, 95, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Biloxi (1977-2001).
Anatoly Lukyanov, 88, Russian politician, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union (1990-1991).
Melvin L. Moeschberger, 78, American biostatistician.
Jakiw Palij, 95, Polish-born German Nazi collaborator.
Milan Pancevski, 83, Macedonian politician, Chairman of the Presidium of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia (1989-1990).
Paolo Paoloni, 89, Italian actor (Fantozzi, An Average Little Man, Cannibal Holocaust).
Thierry Séchan [fr], 69, French novelist.
Lester Wunderman, 98, American advertising executive, creator of direct marketing.

Garry Verble, 66, Best Dad in the World.
Pierre Barillet, 95, French actor and novelist.
José Belvino do Nascimento, 86, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Itumbiara (1981-1987) and Divinópolis (1989-2009).
Jayantilal Bhanusali, 54, Indian politician, MLA (2007-2012), shot.
Antal Bolvári, 86, Hungarian water polo player, Olympic champion (1952, 1956).
Armando Bortolaso, 92, Italian-born Syrian Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Aleppo (1992-2002).
Lessie Brown, 114, American supercentenarian, oldest living person in the U.S.
Khosro Harandi, 68, Iranian chess master.
Sergei Khodakov, 52, Russian paralympic athlete (1992, 1996).
Larry Langford, 72, American politician, mayor of Birmingham, Alabama (2007-2009).
Julio Rubiano, 65, Colombian racing cyclist, heart attack.
Giorgio Zur, 88, German Roman Catholic prelate, Apostolic Nuncio (1979-2005).

Moshe Arens, 93, Lithuanian-born Israeli aeronautical engineer and politician, Minister of Defense (1983-1984, 1990-1992, 1999) and Foreign Affairs (1988-1990).
Alfredo Arpaia, 88, Italian politician, Deputy (1982-1983).
Guy Charmot, 104, French resistance fighter.
Vytautas Einoris, 88, Lithuanian agronomist and politician.
Edwin Erickson, 80, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania Senate (2001-2015).
Laurie Gilfedder, 83, English rugby league footballer (national team, Warrington, Wigan).
Jimmy Hannan, 84, Australian singer and game show host (Saturday Date), Gold Logie winner (1965), cancer.
John Joubert, 91, South African-born British composer.
Aline Kiner, 59, French journalist and writer.
Clydie King, 75, American singer.
Nikolai Lisovoy [ru], 72, Russian philosopher and church historian.
Houari Manar, 38, Algerian raï singer, heart attack.
Ivan Mašek, 70, Czech dissident, economist and politician, Deputy (1993-1998).
John Mendelsohn, 82, American pharmacologist, President of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (1996-2011), glioblastoma.
Alexander Potekhin [ru], 67, Russian physicist.
Ronald C. Read, 94, British-born Canadian mathematician.
Carmencita Reyes, 87, Filipino politician, member of the House of Representatives (2007-2010), Governor of Marinduque (1998-2007; since 2010).
A. G. Rigg, 81, British-born Canadian literary historian.
Tom Rukavina, 68, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1987-2013), leukemia.
Jocelyne Saab, 70, Lebanese journalist and film director, cancer.
Bernard Tchoullouyan, 65, French judoka, Olympic bronze medalist (1980), heart attack.

Annalise Braakensiek, 46, Australian model and actress (Pizza).
Johan Claassen, 89, South African rugby union player and coach (national team).
Ben Coleman, 57, American basketball player (New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks).
George Crowe, 82, Canadian ice hockey coach (Dartmouth College).
Francisco Dela Cruz, 54, Northern Mariana Islands politician, member of the House of Representatives (2006-2014), heart attack.
Emiliano Fabbricatore [it], 80, Italian Eastern Catholic prelate, Eparch of Territorial Abbey of St. Mary of Grottaferrata (2000-2013).
José Ramón Fernández, 95, Cuban militant, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers (1978-2012).
Derek Foster, Baron Foster of Bishop Auckland, 81, British politician, MP for Bishop Auckland (1979-2005) and member of the House of Lords (since 2005), cancer.
Gustav Francl [cs], 98, Czech translator and film critic.[66] (death announced on this date)
Lenny Green, 86, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox).
Roy Hilton, 75, American football player (Baltimore Colts).
Yuriy Kushnarev [ru], 81, Russian film producer, director and actor (Autumn Marathon, Passport, Ku! Kin-dza-dza).
Ivan Laskin [bg], 48, Bulgarian actor.
Kwamie Lassiter, 49, American football player (Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams), heart attack.
Alan R. Pearlman, 93, American sound engineer, founder of ARP Instruments.
Derek Piggott, 96, British glider pilot and flight instructor, stroke.
Gregg Rudloff, 63, American sound mixer (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Matrix, Glory), Oscar winner (1990, 2000, 2016), suicide.
Lamin Sanneh, 76, Gambian-born American professor (Yale University, Yale Divinity School).
W. Morgan Sheppard, 86, British actor (Transformers, Max Headroom, Gettysburg).
Gustav Andreas Tammann, 86, German astronomer.
Myron Thompson, 82, American-born Canadian politician, MP (1993-2008), cancer.
Bea Vianen, 83, Surinamese writer.
Angelo Ziccardi, 90, Italian politician, Senator (1972-1983).
Gene Zwozdesky, 70, Canadian politician, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (2012-2015), cancer.

Emil Brumaru, 80, Romanian writer and poet.
Sergio Otoniel Contreras Navia, 92, Chilean Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of San Carlos de Ancud (1966-1974) and Temuco (1977-2001).
Mungau Dain, 24, Ni-Vanuatu film actor (Tanna), sepsis.
Rick Down, 68, American baseball hitting coach (New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets).
Scott Dozier, 48, American convicted murderer, suicide by hanging.
Alvin Fielder, 83, American jazz drummer, complications from heart failure and pneumonia.
Eric Haydock, 75, British Hall of Fame bassist (The Hollies).
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Ivan Bortnik, 79, Russian actor (Family Relations, Mirror for a Hero, Lost in Siberia).
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Norman Snider, 74, Canadian screenwriter (Dead Ringers, Body Parts, Casino Jack).
John Thornett, 83, Australian rugby union player (New South Wales, national team).
Wiet Van Broeckhoven, 69, Belgian radio presenter and writer.

Hamza Abdullahi, 73, Nigerian politician, Military Governor of Kano State (1984-1985) and Minister of Federal Capital Territory (1986-1989).
Gbenga Akintunde, 46, Nigerian actor, complications from malaria.
Bob Burrow, 84, American basketball player (Kentucky Wildcats, Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals).
Joe Casely-Hayford, 62, British fashion designer, cancer.
William Cochran, 84, American politician, member of the Indiana House of Representatives (1974-1982).
Sylvia Chase, 80, American news anchor (KRON, ABC World News Tonight) and journalist (20/20).
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Jack Fennell, 85, English rugby league footballer (Featherstone Rovers).
Gao Chengyong, 54, Chinese serial killer and rapist, executed.
Radamel García, 61, Colombian Olympic footballer (1980), heart attack.
Reg Holland, 78, English footballer (Wrexham, Chester City, Altrincham).
Sayed Ashraful Islam, 67, Bangladeshi politician, MP (since 2008) and Minister of Public Administration (since 2009), lung cancer.
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Christine de Rivoyre, 97, French journalist (Le Monde), writer, and literary editor (Marie Claire).
José Vida Soria, 81, Spanish jurist, writer and politician, Deputy (1977-1981) and rector of University of Granada (1984-1989), cancer.
Thais St Julien, 73, American opera singer, Alzheimer's disease.
Pinaki Thakur, 59, Indian poet.
Michael Yeung, 73, Chinese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Hong Kong (since 2017), liver failure.