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January 05, 2019

Howdy Folks,

Inventory2018When I got home from work last knight the power whent out. I couldn't get the ol' generator to work because the gas can was empty thanks to "Snow Mobile Sunday".

I hadn't eaten anything all day and now I was starvin'. Since everythin' in the trailer is operated by electr... electricu... elect... power, I had to think on my feet.

Dinner took a long bit of time to prepare because it takes 7 lighters and 8 cans of hairspray to cook a spam can and pot of beans. But, I'll tell y'all, it was delic... delici... it was sum good eatin'.

Take Care Y'all

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What? We're all out of marshmallow peeps?

That bird's not wearing a diaper!

What planet are you from?

Is that my chicken nugget?

Mom You're giving me the bird!!!

Mommy! That's not my rubber duck!

Don't you dare kiss me!

When Your Older - You'll be chasing chicks

Is THAT my brother?

I think I'd look better as a blonde.

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