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January 04, 2019

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Super SaleToday, we are checking in with character actor Earl Holliman! He'll always be Cook from Forbidden Planet for me. Holliman has had a tremendous career. Let's check in with him and find out what he's been doing these days.

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Michael Biehn: Most famous for his role as Kyle Reese in the movie "The Terminator", he's also appeared in "Aliens, "The Rock", "The Abyss", and other movies

McLean Stevenson: He played Lt. Col Henry Blake in the TV series "M*A*S*H" and starred in the series "Hello, Larry"

Danny Kaye: Starred in the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and the TV show "The Danny Kaye Show", worked for UNICEF after retiring from show business

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Earl Holliman

Learn More About Earl Holliman on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: September 11, 1928 in Delhi, Louisiana, USA

BIRTH NAME: Henry Earl Holliman

CLAIM TO FAME: Earl Holliman is an American actor known for his many character roles in films, mostly westerns and dramas, in the 1950s and 1960s. He won a Golden Globe Award for the film The Rainmaker (1956), Sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet (1956) and portrayed Sergeant Bill Crowley on the television police drama Police Woman throughout its 1974-1978 run.

FAMILY LIFE: Holliman never married and has no children.

INFO: He is also a vegan and is against the use of exploiting animals by using their furs for clothing.

During World War II, he lied about his age and enlisted in the U.S. Navy at 15. He was discharged a year later when his real age was discovered. Following his high school graduation he rejoined the Navy at 18 and was stationed in Norfolk, VA, where he became involved in the Norfolk Navy Theater and appeared in leading roles in several productions.

Holliman is also known for his work as an animal-rights activist, including more than 25 years as president of Actors and Others for Animals.

He is one of the few former Hollywood performers who, even in retirement, takes great care, thought, and pride in replying to every piece of fan mail he receives.

He is one of many notable names in the entertainment industry who have been cited in the short saying "There are five stages in the life of an actor" by Hollywood columnist Mike Connolly (e.g. "Who's Earl Holliman? Get me Earl Holliman. Get me a Earl Holliman Type. Get me a young Earl Holliman. Who's Earl Holliman?").

In 1998, he authored a short story for the book Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul, entitled "The Woman Who Took Chickens Under Her Wing" which was based on a real account of his experience with an animal rescuer.

TRIVIA: Played the main character in the very first "Twilight Zone" episode to be telecast, "Where is Everybody?" (October 2, 1959).

He was chosen over Elvis Presley to play the role of Jim Curry in The Rainmaker (1956).

Out of all his movie roles, he cites The Rainmaker (1956) as being his personal favorite.

He is a staunch conservative Republican.

WHERE IS HE NOW: Holliman appears to have unofficially retired from acting. He currently resides in Studio City, California, and grants occasional interviews.


2000 The Perfect Tenant...Arthur Michaels

2000 Chicken Soup for the Soul (TV Series)...Gramps
- Summer School (2000) ... Gramps

1999 Bad City Blues...Joe Gags

1997-1999 NightMan (TV Series)...Frank Dominus
- Keyes to the Kingdom of Hell (1999) ... Frank Dominus
- Double Double (1999) ... Frank Dominus
- The Ultraweb (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Amazing Grace (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Double Vision (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Devil in Disguise (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Hitchhiker (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Bad to the Bone (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Chrome II (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Nightwoman (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- House of Soul (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Do You Believe in Magic? (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- You Are Too Beautiful (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Constant Craving (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- Bad Moon Rising (1998) ... Frank Dominus
- That Ol' Gang of Mine (1997) ... Frank Dominus
- Lady in Red (1997) ... Frank Dominus
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- Face to Face (1997) ... Frank Dominus
- Still of the Night (1997) ... Frank Dominus
- I Left My Heart (1997) ... Frank Dominus
- Whole Lotta Shakin'... (1997) ... Frank Dominus
- Pilot: Part 2 (1997) ... Frank Dominus
- Pilot: Part 1 (1997) ... Frank Dominus

1996-1999 Caroline in the City (TV Series)...Fred Duffy
- Caroline and the Big Move (1999) ... Fred Duffy
- Caroline and the Ancestral Home (1999) ... Fred Duffy
- Caroline and the Twenty-Eight-Pound Walleye (1996) ... Fred Duffy

1997 NightMan (TV Movie)...Frank Dominus

1996 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series)...Milton
- Never the Twain Shall Meet (1996) ... Milton (voice)

1991-1994 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)...Wayne Platte / Sheriff J.T. Tanner
- Roadkill (1994) ... Wayne Platte
- Who Killed J.B. Fletcher? (1991) ... Sheriff J.T. Tanner

1992-1993 Delta (TV Series)...Darden Towe
- Delta's Little Dilemma (1993) ... Darden Towe
- Roadtrip (1993) ... Darden Towe
- Red Hot Mama (1993) ... Darden Towe
- Amateur Night (1993) ... Darden Towe
- Mom Comes to Town (1993) ... Darden Towe
- The Agent (1993) ... Darden Towe
- A Christmas Tale (1992) ... Darden Towe
- Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E (1992) ... Darden Towe
- The Cabin and the Credit Card (1992) ... Darden Towe
- First Time Again (1992) ... Darden Towe
- The Bad Word (1992) ... Darden Towe
- White Women Can't Jump Either (1992) ... Darden Towe
- How Much Is That Darden in the Window? (1992) ... Darden Towe
- Shall We Dance? (1992) ... Darden Towe
- Sweet Dreams (1992) ... Darden Towe
- Delta Doesn't Get Discovered (1992) ... Darden Towe
- Climb That Mountain (1992) ... Darden Towe

1992 In the Heat of the Night (TV Series)...Dr. Lambert
- Last Rights (1992) ... Dr. Lambert

1991-1992 P.S.I. Luv U (TV Series)...Matthew Durning
- The Chameleon (1992) ... Matthew Durning
- A Bundle of Trouble (1992) ... Matthew Durning
- There Goes the Neighborhood (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- I'd Kill to Direct (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- Where There's a Will, There's a Dani (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- An Eye for an Eye (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- What's Up, Bugsy? (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- Unmarried... with Children (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- Diamonds Are a Girl's Worst Friend (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- No Thanks for the Memories (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- The Honeymooners (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- Smile, You're Dead (1991) ... Matthew Durning
- Pilot (1991) ... Matthew Durning

1990 Empty Nest (TV Series)...Mike Bradovitch
- Harry's Excellent Adventure (1990) ... Mike Bradovitch

1987 Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (TV Movie)...Jake Flagg

1987 American Harvest (TV Movie)...Krab Hogan

1986 Shattered If Your Kid's on Drugs (TV Movie)...Kim's Father

1986 Hotel (TV Series)...Owen McDermott
- Separations (1986) ... Owen McDermott

1983 The Thorn Birds (TV Mini-Series)...Luddie Mueller
- Part 4 (1983) ... Luddie Mueller
- Part 3 (1983) ... Luddie Mueller
- Part 1 (1983) ... Luddie Mueller (credit only)

1982 Country Gold (TV Movie)...Wade Purcell

1981 Sharky's Machine...Hotchkins

1979-1980 CHiPs (TV Series)...Earl Holliman
- The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party: Part 2 (1980) ... Earl Holliman (uncredited)
- Roller Disco: Part 2 (1979) ... Earl Holliman (uncredited)

1980 Where the Ladies Go (TV Movie)...Buck

1979 The Solitary Man (TV Movie)...Dave Keyes

1979 Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff...Ed Eckles

1974-1978 Police Woman (TV Series)...Lt. Bill Crowley / Sgt. Bill Crowley
All 91 episodes

1977 Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn (TV Movie)...Ray Church

1974 Police Story (TV Series)...Sergeant Charlie Ryan
- Fingerprint (1974) ... Sergeant Charlie Ryan

1974 I Love You... Good-bye...Tom Chandler

1974 Cry Panic (TV Movie)...Sheriff Ross Cabot

1973 Trapped (TV Movie)...David Moore

1973 The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War (TV Movie)...Harry Donner

1973 The Streets of San Francisco (TV Series)...Chris Conway
- The Stamp of Death (1973) ... Chris Conway

1966-1973 The F.B.I. (TV Series)...Frank / Drake Faron / Walker Carr / ...
- The Pay-Off (1973) ... Frank
- Dynasty of Hate (1971) ... Drake Faron
- The Quest (1970) ... Walker Carr
- Special Delivery (1966) ... Robert Charles Porter

1970-1973 The Magical World of Disney (TV Series)...Cal Winslow / Cal Finch
- The Boy and the Bronc Buster: Part 2 (1973) ... Cal Winslow
- The Boy and the Bronc Buster: Part 1 (1973) ... Cal Winslow
- Smoke: Part 2 (1970) ... Cal Finch
- Smoke: Part 1 (1970) ... Cal Finch

1971-1973 Medical Center (TV Series)...Brent / Dr. Ian Hayton
- Impact (1973) ... Brent
- Suspected (1971) ... Dr. Ian Hayton

1969-1973 Gunsmoke (TV Series)...Boone Shadler / Will Hackett / Will Smith
- Shadler (1973) ... Boone Shadler
- Hackett (1970) ... Will Hackett
- A Man Called 'Smith' (1969) ... Will Smith

1972 The Rookies (TV Series)...Easy Wyatt
- A Very Special Piece of Ground (1972) ... Easy Wyatt

1972 The Biscuit Eater...Harve McNeil

1971 Alias Smith and Jones (TV Series)...Wheat
- The Day They Hanged Kid Curry (1971) ... Wheat
- Alias Smith and Jones (1971) ... Wheat

1971 Cannon (TV Movie)...Magruder

1971/I Montserrat (TV Movie)...Luhan

1971 Ironside (TV Series)...Gordy Brokaw
- The Target (1971) ... Gordy Brokaw

1970 The Tribe (TV Movie)...DePayster

1970 It Takes a Thief (TV Series)...Major Arlin McCoy
- Situation Red (1970) ... Major Arlin McCoy

1970 Smoke (TV Movie)...Cal Finch

1969 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series)...Father Hugh
- Neither Punch nor Judy (1969) ... Father Hugh

1969 The Desperate Mission (TV Movie)...Shad Clay

1968 Anzio...Platoon Sgt. Abe Stimmler

1968 The Power...Professor Talbot Scott

1968 Judd for the Defense (TV Series)...Sheriff Lonny Querido
- No Law Against Murder (1968) ... Sheriff Lonny Querido

1967 Custer (TV Series)...Dan Samuels
- Pursued (1967) ... Dan Samuels

1967 A Covenant with Death...Brian Talbot

1965 The Fugitive (TV Series)...Charley Judd
- The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1965) ... Charley Judd

1965 Slattery's People (TV Series)...Major Roger Dyne
- The Hero (1965) ... Major Roger Dyne

1965 The Virginian (TV Series)...Wiley
- Ring of Silence (1965) ... Wiley

1965 The Sons of Katie Elder...Matt Elder

1965 Dr. Kildare (TV Series)...Capt. Bob Hill
- Wings of Hope (1965) ... Capt. Bob Hill

1965 12 O'Clock High (TV Series)...Lt. Paul Stiger
- The Ticket (1965) ... Lt. Paul Stiger

1965 Bonanza (TV Series)...Sherman Clegg
- The Flannel-Mouth Gun (1965) ... Sherman Clegg

1964 The Great Adventure (TV Series)...Will Cross
- Teeth of the Lion (1964) ... Will Cross

1962-1963 Wide Country (TV Series)...Mitch Guthrie
All 28 episodes

1962 Checkmate (TV Series)...Jack Quentin
- The Bold and the Tough (1962) ... Jack Quentin

1962 General Electric Theater (TV Series)...David Seymour
- The Troubled Heart (1962) ... David Seymour

1962 Alcoa Premiere (TV Series)...Mitch Guthrie
- Second Chance (1962) ... Mitch Guthrie

1962 Bus Stop (TV Series)...Allan Stumbo
- The Stubborn Stumbos (1962) ... Allan Stumbo

1961 Summer and Smoke...Archie Kramer

1961 Westinghouse Presents: The Dispossessed (TV Movie)...Webster

1961 The Dick Powell Theatre (TV Series)...Paul Williams
- Killer in the House (1961) ... Paul Williams

1961 Armored Command...Mike

1959-1960 Hotel de Paree (TV Series)...Sundance
All 32 episodes

1960 Visit to a Small Planet...Conrad

1959 The Twilight Zone (TV Series)...Mike Ferris
- Where Is Everybody? (1959) ... Mike Ferris

1959 Last Train from Gun Hill...Rick Belden

1959 The Trap...Tippy Anderson

1958 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (TV Series)...Les Tranier
- Silent Thunder (1958) ... Les Tranier

1957-1958 Playhouse 90 (TV Series)...Robin Tripp / Capt. Volodney
- The Return of Ansel Gibbs (1958) ... Robin Tripp
- The Dark Side of the Earth (1957) ... Capt. Volodney

1958 Studio One in Hollywood (TV Series)...Wayne Pilgrim
- The Lady Died at Midnight (1958) ... Wayne Pilgrim

1958 Hot Spell...John Henry 'Buddy' Duval Jr.

1958 Kraft Theatre (TV Series)...American airman
- The Sea Is Boiling Hot (1958) ... American airman
- The Battle for Wednesday Night (1958)

1957 Don't Go Near the Water...Adam Garrett

1957 Trooper Hook...Jeff Bennett

1957 Matinee Theatre (TV Series)...Tom Cotterell
- The Man with the Pointed Toes (1957) ... Tom Cotterell

1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral...Charles Bassett

1956 The Rainmaker...Jim Curry

1956 Giant...'Bob' Dace

1956 The Burning Hills...Mort Bayliss

1956 Forbidden Planet...Cook

1955 I Died a Thousand Times...Red

1955 The Big Combo...Mingo

1954 The Bridges at Toko-Ri...Nestor Gamidge

1954 Broken Lance...Denny Devereaux

1954 Tennessee Champ...Happy Jackfield

1953 East of Sumatra...Cupid (as Henry Earl Holliman)

1953 Devil's Canyon...Joe

1953 Scared Stiff...Elevator Operator (uncredited)

1953 The Girls of Pleasure Island...Marine (uncredited)

1953 Destination Gobi...Frank Swenson (uncredited)

1952 Pony Soldier...Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Michael Biehn - ALIVE
Born: 07/31/1956

McLean Stevenson - DEAD (Heart attack)
Born: 11/14/1927 Died: 02/15/1996

Danny Kaye - DEAD (Hepatitis)
Born: 01/18/1913 Died: 03/03/1987


Ramakant Achrekar, 87, Indian cricket coach.
Bob Einstein, 76, American actor (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ocean's Thirteen) and writer (Super Dave Osborne), cancer.
Geoffrey Langlands, 101, British army officer and educator.
Gene Okerlund, 76, American professional wrestling announcer (AWA, WWE, WCW).

Ed Corney, 85, American bodybuilder.
Feis Ecktuh, 32, Dutch rapper, shot.
Dean Ford, 72, Scottish singer (Marmalade).
Joan Guinjoan, 87, Spanish composer and pianist.
Paul Neville, 78, Australian politician, MP (1993-2013).
José Antonio Pujante [es], 54, Spanish politician, heart attack.
Raymond Ramazani Baya, 75, Congolese politician, Foreign Minister (2004-2007) and Ambassador to France (1990-1996).
Tyler Trent, 20, American college football fan (Purdue University), osteosarcoma.
María Teresa Uribe, 78, Colombian sociologist.

Leona Mahoney Benoit, 105, American peace activist.
Etty Fraser, 87, Brazilian actress (Beto Rockfeller, Durval Discos, Cristina Wants to Get Married), heart failure.
Kader Khan, 81, Afghan-born Indian-Canadian actor (Daag, Family: Ties of Blood, Tevar) and screenwriter, complications from progressive supranuclear palsy.
Mark Killilea Jnr, 79, Irish politician.
Elazar Mordechai Koenig, 73, Israeli Orthodox rabbi.
Loknath, 91, Indian actor (Bangaarada Manushya).
Warren MacKenzie, 94, American potter.
Gennaro Papa, 93, Italian politician, Deputy (1961-1963, 1968-1976).
Manuel Ponga Santamarta [es], 82, Spanish politician, Mayor of Avilés (1979-1988), cancer.
Simon Britto Rodrigues, 64, Indian politician, MLA (2006-2011), heart attack.
István Seregély, 87, Hungarian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Eger (1987-2007).
Antônio Salvador Sucar, 79, Brazilian basketball player, world champion (1963) and Olympic bronze medalist (1960, 1964).
Gülriz Sururi, 89, Turkish actress and author.
Peter Thompson, 76, English footballer (Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers, national team).
Nils Utsi, 75, Norwegian Sámi actor (Pathfinder).
Bill Watson, 87, Australian Test cricketer.

Cameron M. Alexander, 86, American Baptist minister.
Vasily Cherdintsev [ru], 91, Russian agricultural worker.
Karel Engel, 78, Czech Olympic wrestler (1972).
Cesáreo Estébanez [es], 77, Spanish actor (Farmacia de guardia, Escenas de Matrimonio, The Night of the Sunflowers).
Claude Gingras, 87, Canadian journalist and music critic (La Presse).
Marc Hauser, 66, American photographer.
Dick Helling, 68, Dutch footballer (Ajax, SC Telstar, FC Volendam).
Edgar Hilsenrath, 92, German writer (The Nazi and the Barber, The Story of the Last Thought), complications from pneumonia.
Don Lusk, 105, American animator and director (Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, Peanuts).
Ron Reiffel, 86, Australian rules footballer (Richmond).
Anthony Revell, 83, British Royal Navy medical officer, Surgeon-General of the British Armed Services (1994-1997), cancer.
Mrinal Sen, 95, Indian film director (Bhuvan Shome, Mrigayaa, Khandhar), heart attack.
Héctor Timerman, 65, Argentine journalist and politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2010-2015), liver cancer.
Blandine Verlet, 76, French harpsichordist.

David Cavanagh, British music writer and journalist.
Agneta Eckemyr, 68, Swedish actress (The Kentucky Fried Movie, The Island at the Top of the World, Christopher's House), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Yehoshua Glazer, 91, Israeli footballer (Maccabi Tel Aviv, national team).
Judith Rich Harris, 80, American psychology researcher and author (The Nurture Assumption).
Syed Jahangir, 83, Bangladeshi painter.
Ringo Lam, 63, Hong Kong film director (Aces Go Places IV, City on Fire, Maximum Risk), heart attack.
Rosenda Monteros, 83, Mexican actress (A Woman's Devotion, The Magnificent Seven, Tiara Tahiti).
Aldo Parisot, 100, Brazilian-born American cellist.
Simon Ricketts, 50, British journalist (The Guardian), cancer.
Mike Taylor, Canadian musician (Walk off the Earth).
Vernon Tyson, 89, American United Methodist minister.
Ted Urness, 81, Canadian football player (Saskatchewan Roughriders).

Devaki Amma, 97, Indian actress.
Abdelmalek Benhabyles, 97, Algerian politician, acting President (1992).
Iaia Fiastri, 84, Italian screenwriter (Basta guardarla, Bianco, rosso e..., When Women Lost Their Tails).
Elisa Frota Pessoa, 97, Brazilian experimental physicist, pneumonia.
Toshiko Fujita, 68, Japanese voice actress (Digimon Adventure, Fist of the North Star), breast cancer.
Santiago García Aracil, 78, Spanish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Jaén (1988-2004) and Archbishop of Mérida-Badajoz (2004-2015).
Peter Hill-Wood, 82, British businessman and football executive (Arsenal).
Seydou Badian Kouyaté, 90, Malian writer and politician, lyricist of national anthem "Le Mali".
Georges Loinger, 108, French resistance fighter.
Edgar Maalouf, 83, Lebanese military officer and politician, MP (2005-2013).
Attila Miklósházy, 87, Hungarian-born Canadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of the Hungarian Emigrants (1989-2006).
Robert Edward Mulvee, 88, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Providence (1997-2005) and Wilmington (1985-1995).
Amos Oz, 79, Israeli author (My Michael, A Perfect Peace, A Tale of Love and Darkness) and journalist, cancer.
Bre Payton, 26, American conservative writer (The Federalist), complications from meningitis and swine flu.
Francisco Pérez Abellán [es], 64, Spanish criminologist and investigative journalist (Cuarto milenio).
Ray Sawyer, 81, American singer (Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show).
Shehu Shagari, 93, Nigerian politician, President (1979-1983).
Tom Weisner, 69, American politician, mayor of Aurora, Illinois (2005-2016), cancer.
Dame June Whitfield, 93, English actress (Terry and June, Last of the Summer Wine, Absolutely Fabulous).
Oliver Wright, 71, Jamaican Olympic boxer (1968, 1972), heart attack.
Yevgeni Zimin, 71, Russian Hall of Fame ice hockey player, Olympic champion (1968, 1972).

Juan Bautista Agüero, 83, Paraguayan footballer (Sevilla, Real Madrid, national team).
Chris Burrous, 43, American television news anchor (KTLA, WPIX, KMAX).
Joe Camacho, 90, American baseball coach (Texas Rangers).
Jim Davis, 77, American basketball player (Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons), cancer.
Giorgio Degola, 95, Italian politician, Senator (1976-1987).
Jean Dumontier, 83, Canadian architect, cancer.
Brian Jordan, 86, English footballer (Rotherham United, York City).
Robert Kerman, 71, American actor (Debbie Does Dallas, Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox).
Miúcha, 81, Brazilian singer and composer, respiratory failure.
Cheenu Mohan, 62, Indian actor, heart attack.
Richard Arvin Overton, 112, American supercentenarian, nation's oldest living World War II veteran, complications from pneumonia.
Tadeusz Pieronek, 84, Polish Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of Sosnowiec (1992-1998) and Rector of Pontifical Academy of Theology (1998-2004).
Dian Pramana Poetra [id], 57, Indonesian musician.
Sir Fenton Ramsahoye, 89, Guyanese politician, Attorney General (1961-1964), MP (1961-1973).
Børge Ring, 97, Danish animator (Anna & Bella, Heavy Metal, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story), Oscar winner (1985).
Bumper Tormohlen, 81, American basketball player (Atlanta Hawks).
Warren Wells, 76, American football player (Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders), heart failure.