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January 02, 2019

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Top SellersThe war on drugs has been one of the longest and one of the most expensive social engineering efforts in U.S. history, not to mention a monumental failure. But times, they are a-changin'. Marijuana has lost a lot of its stigma and some states are downright liberal in their attitude toward the psychoactive weed.

And now that the law is loosening, the invisible hand of the market is starting to make itself felt. A marijuana specialty product sold for a record price Friday night at a mega-dispensary on tribal land near downtown Las Vegas.

Brandon Hawkins, 36, flew in from Los Angeles on Friday morning to purchase the pot-stuffed, hemp-and 24-karat gold leaf-coated Leira Cannagar - a 24-gram marijuana flower-stuffed blunt - in the early evening hours at Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace. Buying for a business partner who requested anonymity, Hawkins held six large stacks of rubber band-held $20 bills to make the record purchase.

"I've always been a proponent of the industry and I'm happy that it has come this far," he said.

The price of the 24-karat gold blunt? $11,000.

Of course, not all areas share the liberal attitude of Las Vegas.

A video was uploaded to YouTube recently which was taken by a man in Ohio who suspected he was being set up. In the video, a man in a red hoodie is waiting in the parking lot of a park in an apparent attempt to buy some marijuana.

The unidentified man who took the video suspects the man in the red hoodie is an undercover officer, so he brought a bag of entirely legal flower buds.

After the transaction is over, the man filming tells the alleged undercover cop that he just bought a bag of flower buds for ten dollars. He then gets back in his car to leave. Before he can leave, however, he is swarmed by cops who hold him at gunpoint.

Unfortunately that is where the video ends, but I can't imagine what happened afterward was pretty. That's quite a risk to make a point, but you have to appreciate the guts.


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Fisherman Teels in 60 Pounds of Coke

Authorities in Florida said a fisherman reeled in a package that turned out to be filled with up to 60 pounds of suspected cocaine. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said a fisherman was returning to Islamorada in the Florida Keys when he spotted a bale under a dock. The fisherman used a gaff and a net to pull the package into his boat and he determined it was filled with an unidentified white powder. Sheriff's deputies and U.S. Border Patrol investigators responded and discovered the bale contained 25 plastic-wrapped packages of what is believed to be cocaine. The packages were turned over to federal authorities. "This happens fairly regularly, about once or twice every year," sheriff's office spokesman Adam Linhardt sais. "We live in the part of the country where it washes up on the Florida Keys."

Texas Couple Welcome 15-pound Baby

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A Texas couple who thought they wouldn't be able to have a baby without fertility treatments were surprised by the birth of a record-breaking 15-pound baby. Jennifer and Eric Medlock said their first child, Annabelle, was born with the help of fertility treatments after Jennifer was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. The Arlington couple said they were preparing to start treatments to have another child when they discovered they had naturally conceived their second baby, Ali, who was born weighing 14 pounds, 13 ounces. Doctors at Arlington Memorial Hospital said Ali weighs about twice as much as an average newborn and is a new size record for the hospital. "He is meant for something big," Jennifer Medlock told KTVT. "Maybe not football -- everyone keeps saying that." Guinness World Records lists the heaviest newborn on record as weighing 22 pounds.


Lewis, your last Bizarre News really illustrated just how much a person can get away with. This guy stole two cars (crashed one!) and broke into a house and nobody even noticed. The guy even got a ride home. But God forbid you try and smoke a joint.

That guy from Maine who stole those cars wouldn't have gotten away with that shit judging by the Washington story. Those poor bastards couldn't even get out of the parking lot with a stolen nail gun without getting shot at.

Lewis, those guys that stole the four nail guns from the Coastal Farm & Ranch store and got apprehended by the six gun-toting customers should try robbing a donut shoppe next time. Morons! --Gabe