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January 01, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Hint 1:

Why pay for cleaning rags? That's one concept I've never grasped! All you need to do is cut up old t-shirts into rags.

The soft material is great for cleaning any surface! It even works on glass. This is one way to reuse household items that can really pay off since cleaning rags wear out so quickly.

Let The Power Of HEAT Clear Your ICY Windshield.

Hint 2:

Here is a tip for reusing a household item I was dubious about until I tried it. When you use all your dish soap, wash out the bottle and save it.

You'll be surprised at the uses for squeeze bottles! They are so convenient for watering house plants.

If you have ever spilled water all over the place trying to water a potted plant with a cup you know what I mean.