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December 29, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Closeout ClearA Maine man is accused of being a real-life Goldilocks: making himself at home after stealing two cars and getting a ride home by an unsuspecting residence.

Authorities in York County say Derek Tarbox, 35, stole two cars before breaking into a residence in Waterboro on Sunday. One car ran out of gas in Hollis and then he allegedly stole another car and drove to Waterboro, where he crashed that one, York County deputies said.

Without a ride, he went into someone's house.

"It appeared that Tarbox had eaten some food, taken a shower and dressed himself in the caller's clothing he found in the residence," York County Sheriff William L. King, Jr. said. "The intruder told the caller that he had made a mistake and thought the house belonged to a friend who had left the front door opened for him."

The owner agreed reluctantly to drive him to his home.

"The caller thought the scenario was unusual, but plausible, so he agreed to drive the man to a house in Hollis," King said. "When he returned home and inspected his house further to found his back door had been forced open, food missing from his refrigerator and other signs of the house being ransacked."

York County sheriff's deputies and the Maine State Police found Tarbox at his home.

"When deputies and troopers went to that location, Tarbox fled and was quickly apprehended without incident," said King, adding Tarbox was still wearing the tenant's clothing.

Tarbox has been charged with burglary, two counts of unauthorized use of property, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, failure to report a crash by quickest means, theft by deception and theft by unauthorized taking.


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600 Surfing Santas Ride Waves in Florida

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Nearly 600 people dressed in Santa suits and other festive apparel took to the waves in Florida for an annual Christmas surfing event, organizers said. The Surfing Santas in Cocoa Beach event, which took place on Christmas Eve, featured nearly 600 people in Santa Claus suits and other Christmas-related costumes riding the Atlantic Ocean waves on long boards, short boards, boogie boards and paddle boards. George Trosset, who founded the Surfing Santas event a decade ago, estimated there were about 10,000 spectators enjoying the spectacle and Christmas music. The event raised money for the Florida Surf Museum and Grind for Life, a cancer support organization. Cocoa Beach Mayor Ben Malik was among those in attendance. "It's an awesome way to start the Christmas holiday," Malik told Florida Today.

Be Careful Where You Steal From

Authorities say two men were surrounded by customers with guns while attempting to steal tools from a Washington store. The men allegedly took four nail guns from the Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville and when they got into a car they were surrounded by about six customers with guns raised. The men, ages 22 and 23, allegedly took four nail guns, each worth more than $400. The men walked out of the store and got into a Honda Civic, only to be surrounded by about six customers with guns raised. Court documents say the driver pulled forward, causing one man confronting him to land on the hood. Documents say another customer shot at the driver's side front tire, while a third fired twice at the rear tire. Marysville police found the theft suspects' car unoccupied about three blocks away, with two flat tires and the tools inside. Both men were apprehended after a search.
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Lewis, I hope you had a good Christmas with family and friends. Thanks for another year of Bizarre News - it's funny, silly, full of facepalms and headdesks and makes some of the folks I know look like geniuses in comparison. Wishing a great holiday season and a new year full of love, health, prosperity and fun for you and yours. Best, Diane
[Thank you, Diane. I appreciate all of my Bizarre readers.]

It's nice to see burglars getting into the season with holiday appropriate disguises. You'd think you would see more of that on Halloween. I mean, what better time to get away with wearing a mask? But apparently Christmas is the big season. Just wait until Easter when people start knocking over liquor stores in bunny costumes.