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December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I know everyone is excited about Christmas and gathering with friends and family today, so I will keep today's issue brief and sweet.

Enjoy spending time with loved ones today.

Handy Hints Holly
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Is this the cutest mug ever? We say YES...
It is fun, funky and functional!

Hint 1: Don't overlook these essentials-they'll come in handy in unexpected ways.

You'll see big discounts on everything from ornaments to household decor but also artificial trees, which can be quite expensive in prime time.

The other must-stock: baking supplies. Think icing, holiday cookie cutters, sprinkles, etc. Red icing and red crystal sugar sprinkles might scream 'holiday' in December, but they can also scream 'Valentine's Day' in February or 'Independence Day' in July.

Candy, food and beverages also get marked down quickly because leftover themed packages appear outdated, but in reality, they still have a long shelf life left.

Hats, scarves, portable heated car seats...this is the time to buy when prices are slashed.

First Look at this Christmas Clearance Event

Hint 2:

Just in time to keep those New Year's resolutions, you'll find major price dives on fitness equipment like treadmills, weight sets, elliptical machines.

Look for the hottest sales closer to February, as retailers stock up in late December and early January to take advantage of the New Year's-resolution push.

Once models don't sell, they'll be pushed to clearance and sale aisles.