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December 18, 2018

Good Afternoon

Holiday 2018They say that you learn quite a bit from the people around you. Your parents, friends, co-workers, siblings, teachers, and I'm going to stop there to save time. I have learned a lot from many of those people that I listed, but the one I've learned the most from has been... a snowman.

Every winter a snowman informs me of several key life-lessons that have help to mold me into the man I am today.

Here's a prime example of his wisdom: Avoid yellow snow.

Now that's good advice. Take a look below and discover all you'll ever need to know thanks to a snowman.

And just in case you were wondering, I'm NOT crazy.

Mouthing Off,

[m] q u o t e s . o f . t h e . d a y

"Political correctness is tyranny with manners."
--Charlton Heston

"Give me a museum and I'll fill it."
--Pablo Picasso

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."
--Oscar Wilde

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[m] b i t s . n . b o b s


1. It is okay if you're a little bottom heavy.

2. Hold your ground, even when the heat is on.

3. Wearing white is always appropriate.

4. Winter is the best of the four seasons.

5. It takes a few extra rolls to make a good midsection.

6. There's nothing better than a foul weather friend.

7. We're all made up of mostly water.

8. You know you've made it when they write a song about you.

9. Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

10. Avoid yellow snow. Don't get too much sun.

11. It is embarrassing when you can't look down and see your feet.

12. It is fun to hang out in your front yard.

13. There's no stopping you once you're on a roll.

14. It is not the size of the carrot, but the placement that counts.

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