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December 15, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

holidaybannerIt wouldn't be the holiday season without at least one good road rage story. This one comes from the town of Draper, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, road rage stories are a dime-a-dozen, this is America after all, so you know it has to be something a little unusual to make it into Bizarre News. The question is; what do most people use in a road rage incident? Usually whatever they have in their vehicle; a golf club, baseball bat, their fists, sometimes a gun. Why this man was carrying this item around in his car we can only guess.

In a fit of road rage, a drunken man chased a car while brandishing a sword and snow shovel before spitting at police when they took him into custody, according to jail records.

Early Saturday morning, 30-year-old Kyle Madison Wall became embroiled in "a road rage incident" in Draper. He then followed the other car to the driver's workplace and confronted the person inside the car, attempting to punch them through the window.

He yelled, 'You are lucky because I could kill you right now!,' then began running back to his car while the driver of the other vehicle followed him and called police.

When Wall realized the other car was following him, he took a large sword out of his vehicle and began running toward the driver in the other car. The driver put their car in reverse, and the man threw the sword at the vehicle as it drove backward. He then grabbed a snow shovel outside a nearby business and began walking to the driver's car with it.

Police arrived before the man could cause any damage with the shovel, however when they attempted to take him into custody, he resisted and "spit at officers and threaten to kill the officers and their families," according to the jail report.

Wall was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of assault, aggravated assault, a DUI, assault or threat of violence to a peace officer, interference with an arresting officer and failure to stop at the command of law enforcement.

His sword was recovered from the scene.


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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

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A young man wanted to make a point about racism in the United States, but his plan backfired when he was exposed for a liar by police. 20-year-old Khalil Cavil of Texas was working at the Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa when he claimed he was discriminated against because of his Muslim name. Cavil took to Facebook, where he posted a customer's receipt the stated "we don't tip terrorist" with a circle around the name Khalil. The post quickly went viral with people taking his side, including the restaurant which supported him by banning the alleged racist from their restaurant. Police were called to investigate the hate crime, but soon discovered that the whole incident was a lie and that Cavil wrote the message himself. Saltgrass Steak House publicly apologized and invited the customer to return to the restaurant for a free meal while Cavil no longer works at the restaurant. After his hoax was exposed, Cavil also apologized and said: "I'm sorry. I deeply made a huge big mistake. I'm in the process of getting the help that I need."

It's Hard to Pass Up a Good Deal

A man identified as an elected constable faces a citation and potential fine of up to $600 for allegedly trying to buy guns from people on the street as they were entering the Wilkinsburg Police Department for its annual gun buyback program. Wilkinsburg police say Michael Cornell of Harmony Township is being sent the citation by mail for allegedly violating Wilkinsburg's peddling ordinance. Police say they will notify and consult with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to determine whether any other charges should be pursued. Police Chief Ophelia "Cookie" Coleman wasn't happy to learn a man had been approaching people outside the police department for guns. "That was very disturbing, and it was disturbing to the people that were in line as well because they were complaining about this person walking up to them, soliciting to purchase guns," Coleman said.


Grinch is right. Personally I enjoy all of the decorations, especially driving through residential neighborhoods and seeing the individual effort people put into their houses. What I don't like is when people go over the top and create some illuminated catastrophe on their front lawn. But still, I've never wanted to burn one down.

Lewis, those abandoned pet stories break my heart. What pisses me off is that those people just left their pets behind to take their chances in the middle of a wild fire. It's not like the evacuation order was a surprise. They couldn't spare a half hour to go find their pets? I bet you they wasted their time collecting family photos and the table silver.

LEWIS; The story of the man who set fire to others' Xmas decorations reminds me of when I was in college witnessing all the fuss and bother over decorations for homecoming weekend. At my dorm complex those in power decided our decoration would be 2 cars made of chicken wire and pastel tissue. An evening after their labor constructed them some rascal with an archery set fired flaming arrows into each "car." All of us not part of that committee thought it was hilarious. -R.S.