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December 05, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Gifts 4 HerImagine a secret island hidden in the heart of the equatorial jungle, inhabited by super aggressive 'monster' chimpanzees freed from a US testing laboratory, where it is rumored by the locals that any unfortunate wanderer who stumbles upon the island is eaten alive! It sounds like a 'B' monster movie from the 1950s, but apart from a few exaggerations, such an island exists.

The isolated patch of jungle is known to locals in Liberia as 'Monkey Island'.

In the 1970s the U.S set up a controversial virus testing laboratory nearby in order to develop vaccines to be used on sick humans. All of the test monkey were infected diseases like hepatitis and 'river blindness'. These experiments went on for decades until a campaign by animal activists led to the facility being closed.

Instead of euthanizing all of the animals, more than 60 chimps were stranded on this little river island. Their originals care-takers, many of whom have worked with the chimps since the 1970s, were paid to take them food and water every other day.

Many of the animals are said to be "super aggressive" and those living nearby are terrified to go there for fear of being attacked. Tourists who have paid local fishermen to take them near the island are pelted with fruit by the territorial chimps. There are even rumors that they will attack and eat those who set foot on the land.

"They will eat you raw!" one villager warned a journalist who asked to be taken to see the apes.

The only thing that keeps these dangerous, aggressive, infected chimps on the island is their fear of water. But food is scarce on the island. If the monkeys ever get hungry enough, how long before they learn how to swim?


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You Have to Give This Guy a Hand

A German athlete set a Guinness World Record by skating 164 feet in 8.55 seconds using in-line skates he wore on his hands. Mirko Hansen strapped a pair of K2 Mach 100 skates in-line skates to his hands and performed a rolling handstand for 164 feet in 8.55 seconds, earning him a spot in the 2019 Guinness Book of World Records. Hansen achieved his no-feet feat in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia. "After I was part of some TV shows I want to make the next step and be part of the famous Guinness World Records book," Hansen said. Hansen said he started hand skating about four years ago and has only recently started doing it while upside-down. "With a lot of tough training I learned more and more, for example to skate on one hand and to jump over a ramp" he said.

'Secret Santa' Pays Off $29K of Layaways

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Customers at a Pennsylvania Walmart store were shocked to discover a "Secret Santa" had paid off $29,000 worth of layaway items at the store. The Walmart store confirmed an anonymous benefactor known only to a small handful of employees paid off the $29,000 bill, helping hundreds of customers finish their Christmas shopping. "When customers quietly pay off others' layaway items, we're reminded how good people can be," Walmart said in a statement provided to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Christine Jackson said her $141 worth of toys and gifts were among the items paid off by the Secret Santa. "I can't breathe right now. I don't know if you can hear it or not but I'm trying not to use my inhaler because I have asthma but I'm just so excited," Jackson said. "I've been in an all-time high. When you look at that it's nothing but God working. Do you hear me?"

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LEWIS; When we buy a house or condo we feel we should have certain freedoms in what we choose to display or have on property we own. Yet all too often it seems that over-zealous HOAs or local ordinances put unfair restrictions on home-owners. I've read where HOA rules would not let folks string Xmas lights on their condo balcony and I knew of another condo HOA that made a family get rid of their daughter's kitten. Sheeesh!
[I agree, mostly. But if you had to live next door to a 500,000 watt Christmas display you might have some complaints too.]

Lewis, if you want to find aliens, go to California. You'll find every kind of alien you could want, from illegal aliens to people who might as well be space aliens.