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December 02, 2018

Hello Video Lovers,

GadgetsThis poor guy. He's on vacation in Switzerland and on his first day there he decides to go hang gliding for the first time in his life. And what better country to hang glide in? Switzerland has some of the most beautiful mountains and terrain in the world. And what could go wrong? He will be hang gliding with a professional who will handle all of the piloting. All this guy has to do is hang there and enjoy the ride.

Unfortunately, 'hang there' is exactly what he did, because the 'pilot' forgot to attach his harness to the glider. And it is all caught on video. For 2 minutes and 14 seconds you can feel the terror of being suspended hundreds of feet in the air, holding on with nothing but your hands.

Your Editor

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2 Minutes Hang Gliding Without a Harness

A tourist in Switzerland has a terrifying 2 minutes when his hang gliding pilot forgets to attach him to the glider and he must hang on for life.

Click here to watch the video
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