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December 01, 2018

Howdy Folks,

Gifts 4 kidsTheres some snow headed this way and i must be prepared to keep me and mine warm and safe and safe and warm.

I'm not gonna let the snow get me. I got on eight kinds of thermal underwears and a scarf, and a hat. Oh, and I got on pants and shirts and all that. That's all I need, well, all that and a shovel, some gloves, some rock salt, a plow, mittens, boots, booties, leggins... I could go on and on but my runnin out of words i know.

Question... how do they keep the snow from meltin in them snow globes? Is it magic?

Stay warm and safe, y'all!

Take Care Y'all

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Close the drawer, will ya?

Some prefer Serta but I prefer Victoria's Secret.

I can explain!

You cheated. You didn't count to 10 first!

I told you not to wake me until Spring.

Find your OWN drawer!

Geez Louise, can't I get any privacy around here?

Go away kid, 'ya bother me.


Is a cat in the drawer a good omen?

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