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November 29, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Have you bought light bulbs lately? Geez, they are expensive!

As soon as we put this 3pk of Honeywell LED Bulbs on our website, I knew I had to share with my Handy Hints readers!

Not only do you get a 3-pack BELOW COST at $5.99, but when you replace your standard bulbs with these you'll also be saving a ton on your electric bill.

The average savings PER BULB of using these over incandescent bulbs is $161.70. Again that is per bulb over the course of its lifetime. Do the math... replace 10 and that $1617.00 in savings... WOW!

If that wasn't enough, LED bulbs also last an average of 22 years or 25,000 hours. That's 10 times longer than standard bulbs.

Plus these are even dimmable from 100 percent to 10 percent. NOTE: to dim you must have dimmable light switch and/or fixture.

Don't miss out on this special closeout deal. We are not likely to see prices this low again. Make sure you stock up now before our limited supply is all gone.

Get your 3pk Honeywell LED Bulbs

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Hint 1: Socks on the Go!

Pack an extra pair of socks in your car’s glove compartment. Then if you need to get out and shovel, or if you step into a puddle, you’ll have dry socks to change into.

And put those mismatched socks to use: use them as wiper blade covers!

We just can't stop playing indoor soccer with this hovering ball!

Hint 2: Let the sun shine in...

Open the curtains in your house when the sun is out. This is another low cost way to bring heat and light into the home, helping to lower the electric bill.

Maximize this tip by buying thicker curtains (or lining your existing curtains with fleece) to keep that heat in when you close the curtains.

Get fun on the right track with the Turbo Pipes Racing Set