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November 10, 2018

Howdy Folks,

Deals2018The other day my yungest girl kid asked me the question of questions - where do babies come from?

I didn't know what to say because, quite frankly, that whole baby thing is kind of a mystery to me. I mean I know how there made i'm just not all that sure about the scientistic terms for all the parts and such.

I thought and thought and thought and thought about what to tell her. I was comin up empty. I was startin to sweat a bit and the feelin of panic came over me like a shower of Gatorade after winnin the big game.

So I knew that she wouldn't stop askin until she got an answer so I had to say somethin'. So I told her, "They come from a place called the Who-ha. Al Pacino talks about it all the time in that 'Scent of A Woman' movie that yer mommy enjoys. Why don't you go and watch it with her I'm sure it'll answer all of yer questions."

Whew, I dodged that bullet! I just hope that the movie is medicly akurate?

Take Care Y'all

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