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November 07, 2018

Hey Everyone!

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A reader wrote in the other to share a handy hint. Thanks, Kimberly for sharing!

Whenever I get a new wallet and I put my drivers license in the window, I have the worst time trying to get it out to show when needed. So here's my story.

I went to early vote Oct 22nd and I was asked to remove my driver's license from my wallet to show the clerk. I struggled and struggled and actually had to stop out of the line so I wouldn't hold anyone else up. An elderly woman at the far end of the table said she had resolution. All I needed to do was put a piece of tape on the end; long enough to extend outside the small windowed compartment.

I said it couldn't be that easy so I did it when I got back to work. Sure enough, works like a charm; no more struggling.

I told my coworkers the story, they all laughed but a couple of them now use this technique.

-submitted by Handy Hint reader Kimberly

Kimberly...this is a real struggle for me since I recently just bought a new wallet. I'm totally trying this!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Remove unwanted hair instantly and painless without waxing or tweezing

Yep, you read that right! I have found a great solution to painful, skin irritating hair removal!

It's the Soft and Smooth Hair Remover, the revolutionary new beauty device that is all the rave. It instantly removes hair and it's painless! No irritation like when you pluck or wax.

I have personally bought this model and can't stop saying enough great things about it.

Soft and Smooth is discreet, it's designed to look like a tube of lipstick and is hypoallergenic.

Runs on one AA battery which makes it portable and able to be used anywhere...anytime!

Another great thing I need to tell you...and I'm sure you are asking yourself this too - NO, your hair does NOT grow back darker or thicker when using this. It grows back the same consistency as before. I, too, was worried about that too.

I'm sure you have seen similar ones on TV or at the stores! The best part is the's only $9.99 while others on the market are double the price.

Soft and Smooth Hair Remover

Hint 2: Do you love dry shampoo? Try using it before you hit your pillow for the night

Dry shampoo can work wonders to help stretch out washing your
hair, but I have to share this hack with you.

I have found dry shampoo is far more effective if I spritz my hair, and tie my hair up in a loose bun before I hit the hay. I feel it gives it time to work its magic - you know absorb the oils, giving my thin hair more volume. Also, avoids the dreaded powdered particles that is a dead giveaway that I haven't washed my hair in days :)

If you try this...please share with me your review by emailing me.

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