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October 30, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow is Halloween so today I am going to feature some SPOOKtacular hints for the candy eating holiday.

Let's start with this one...Hundreds of pieces of candy will probably come home with your child, but that doesn't mean they (including you) need to consume each piece in the shortest amount of time.

Take charge!

Use a plastic pumpkin pail or some sort of Halloween dish and designate the proper amount of candy for the
'big night'.

You can use this time to teach the kids about moderation and balance when it comes to sweets. Candy is a fun food, but should be eaten in proper portions as a treat, instead of regular meal.

Help your kids divide their candy into 'daily portions' and place in snack-sized zippered baggies.

You can even freeze some of the chocolate candy for later.

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Hint 1: Planning on dressing up your pet for all the Halloween fun?

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Here's a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure the costume fits your pet properly and it is comfortable for them.

2. Make sure the costume doesn't have any pieces that can be easily chewed off.

3. Make sure the costume doesn't interfere with your pet's hearing, breathing, opening its mouth, or with his/her ability to move.

Take time to help your pet get accustomed to their costume before the big day, and never leave them unsupervised while they are wearing their costume.

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Hint 2: Does your child not want you to go trick-or-treating with them?

It your children gets older, they may not want their parents tagging along while they trick-or-treat - they
may prefer to go with their friends.

You know your kids the best, of course, but most Halloween safety tips recommend that parents accompany children under

If you do allow your child to venture out without you, make sure they go with a few friends the entire time.

If some of the more adventurous kiddos can’t wait to check out the neighbor’s spooky haunted house display, but one of the children is a bit more reticent, make sure someone agrees to stay with him or her, at a designated place, before everyone takes off.

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Hint 3: Everyone should know this one...

And PLEASE remember...don't feed your furry friend any Halloween candy, especially chocolate.