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October 28, 2018

James 3:18

Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

Greetings Bible Enthusiast!

WarningIsn't is a lovely image to think of yourself as a sower, sowing in peace? Next time your world begins to feel topsy-turvy, close your eyes and remember this image. Know, too, that Jesus said in John 14:27, "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you." We have Christ's peace.

God Bless You!

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Q. How many yoke of oxen was Elisha using to plow?

Answer below.


There has been too much preaching. Let's just take an outline and go into the pulpit and tell the story of Jesus and how He died for our sins and how He took them away, and sets us free. That's what we need to hear.

-J. Wilbur Chapman
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You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a valley and on your right side is a fire engine travelling at the same speed as you.

In front of you is a galloping pig which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is a helicopter flying at ground level. Both the giant pig and the helicopter are also travelling at the same speed as you.

What must you do safely to get out of this situation?

Get off the children's "Merry-Go-Round."


Q. How many yoke of oxen was Elisha using to plow?

A. Twelve.

1 Kings 19:19

So he departed from there, and found Elisha the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him.