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October 20, 2018

Howdy Folks,

Super SaleJust wanted to thank y'all fer beening pashent about the probelmes we was havin over here. The pics are fixed and i'm ready fer yer captions. Have at!

Well, my young'uns broke the toilet the other day. The wife and i aren't none too happy about this situation. We were tryin to think a ways to punish the kids, but you thought that it woulda been better to teach those nose-diggers a valuebull lesson.

We thought long and hard about what we could teach em and how we could get that particular lesson across to em. Here's what we came up with... we aggreed that the children responsible, namely Jehtro Jr., Nestle and Gauge, would get jobs and pool there money to get the family a brand new toilet for the old water closet.

They just when for their job interviews at Dub's Roofin' Emporium. (I put in a good word.) I guess will just have to see how those interviews go. Hopefully, these kids will learn about responsiblity and hard work and the importance of not lightin M-80s and throwin em down the crapper.

Until then I'm gonna continue to pee in the sink.

Take Care Y'all

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