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October 11, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Flashlight DeptDon't you hate it when you open up the vegetable drawer and spot that plastic produce bag at the bottom that's filled with green slime that used to be herbs?

You can extend the lifespan of washed herbs and greens by several days by rolling them up in damp paper towels and placing them in zipper-lock bags with the seals left slightly open.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Don't toss your old cell phones in the trash!

With the average consumer replacing their cell phones every eighteen months, 130 million cell phones are being disposed of each year. If these go into landfill sites, the toxins from the cell battery leak into the soil and pollute the ground. Use a recycling program. An added bonus to this is many of these programs contribute to charities.
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Hint 2: Save energy and money

You don’t need to light up a room no one is using. Save energy and money by getting into the habit of switching off the lights when you leave the room. For standard bulbs, do this each time you leave. For energy savers, do this if you are leaving the room for more than fifteen minutes.

You will also save on your cooling costs, as lights can make your rooms hotter!