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October 10, 2018

Greetings Infomaniacs,

If you're a fan of comic books, you should enjoy today's fun facts!


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QUOTE: "Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent.

HINT: (1904-1991), American writer, poet, and cartoonist.
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New Deals2018Spider-Man was very close to being kicked in the wastepaper bin mere moments after making it off the drawing board. Martin Goodman, head of Marvel at the time, told Spider-Man creator Stan Lee that he thought the new hero was a "rotten idea" for a comic book hero.


Superman's creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, originally conceived of The Superman as a telepathic scientist obsessed with world domination. He was also bald! Does that sound like to Lex Luthor to anyone?


Captain America's creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby originally dreamed up a heraldic-shaped shield. But rival comic publisher MLJ already had a patriotic character called The Shield who had a very similar looking heraldic logo on his chest.


When Stan Lee first released the Daredevil comics, he made it clear to the Marvel team: if there were even the vaguest whiff that the comic was causing offense to blind people, or blind organizations, he would pull the book from the shelves.


Stan Lee always intended for the Hulk to be grey-and so he was, in the very first issue of the series The Incredible Hulk in 1962. However, due to the fact that there were major problems with the inconsistency of the printing, they ended up having to choose a color instead. One of the most consistent colors in print at the time was green, so they opted for that.


Wolverine was created by writer Len Wein, because he needed a character who could do battle with the The Incredible Hulk. The Wolverine made his debut in issue 181, way back in 1974, as a Canadian special agent ordered by a government department to capture Hulk and "bring him in."

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QUOTE: "Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent."

ANSWER: Theodor Seuss Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss)