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October 10, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

New Deals2018A couple weeks ago I ran a story about how a perfect red heifer born in Israel could be a sign of the end of days, as in; the second coming and the Biblical apocalypse.

You can read that issue here.

But these little incidents, no matter how bizarre or unique, are isolated. I mean, it's not like we're about to suffer a plague of frogs.

Oh shit.

According to "Explosively breeding frogs are literally dropping from above in NC."

A population explosion of tens of thousands of frogs and toads has emerged on North Carolina's coastal plain, leading to social media reports of frogs found hopping on kitchen counters, crawling in beds and even falling on people as they step outside.

"They're all over my windows. I had one jump on my face laying in bed," one unhappy resident reported last week. "And I had another in the kitchen on the cutting board. They're everywhere"

What's happened, says state biologist Jeff Hall, is a convergence of two types of frog and toad population explosions along the coast. The first wave is the tadpoles born during the abnormally heavy rains of June and July, and the second is a boom of "explosively breeding" toads -- like the eastern spadefoot toad -- that found a perfect habitat in tiny puddles created by Hurricane Florence.

Photos and comments posted on Facebook talk of frogs clinging to walls and windows, and sticking like glue to moving cars for miles.

Hall predicts coastal residents will continue finding frogs and toads in odd places until all the flood waters recede.

Until then, he says one tip is to turn off porch lights. "Porch lights attract bugs and moths, and it's like a steak house buffet to a frog," Hall said. "They do not pose a threat. It's best to try and deal with them as best we can until the situation changes."

And a little prayer and repentance wouldn't hurt. Just in case.


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Texas police find nearly $25,000 in stolen tequila after man advertises on social media. Laredo police made an arrest after finding more than a thousand bottles of tequila that had been reported stolen last month. Officers found the Patron tequila, valued at more than $24,500, after a man started advertising massive sales on social-media pages, police said in a Facebook post. They tracked the sales to a Laredo home, where they found numerous cases of tequila, as well as a loaded .357-caliber Taurus revolver. Authorities arrested Manuel Alejandro Martinez Fernandez on a federal charge of being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm. Charges for the tequila theft are pending, police said.
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A Fun Way to Win Some Free Beer

A Maine couple won 12 cases of beer at the North American Wife Carrying Championship. Jesse Wall and Christine Arsenault, who have been participating in the annual event for several years and have come out on top before, were dubbed the winners at the North American Wife Carrying Championship at the Sunday River resort in Newry, Maine. The pair were one of 35 couples participating in the unusual race Saturday and finished the final round with a time of 58.72 seconds, winning them Arsenault's weight in beer -- 12 cases -- and five-times Arsenault's weight in cash. The win also earned Wall and Arsenault the chance to travel to Finland, where the wife-carrying sport originated, to participate in the World Wife Carrying Championships.
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This guy dumping the goat carcasses is dumb--even the Santeria people down in Miami take advantage of their sacrifices for barbecue. Sheesh. -Jean
[Mmmm... goat barbecue.]

Lewis, OMG! A red heifer is born in Israel, and now goat sacrifices in Georgia. Could this really be the beginning of the end? What's next?
[If you had guessed 'a plague of frogs', who knows? You might be a prophet.]

You know, it's funny that story about the NSA confiscating those bullet-shaped ice cubes just came up, because I was thinking about transporting some ice cube-shaped bullets. You think they'd have a problem with those?