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October 06, 2018

Howdy Folks,

HugeSaleThe younguns weer playin out back with their frizzbee disk when, after a bit it got stuck up in a tree.

Actualee, it was way up in that tree so the younguns made me climb on up there and get it down. I think they were followin the policy of "Better him than me" when it came to scootin up that pine tree.

So I got on up there and got ahold of that flyin disk and I was workin my way down i discovered that i got a good glob of tree sap in my mane. My kiddos said it looked like a big snot was lyin on my noggin. I tried everything i could think of to get it out.

I tried wankin it, i tried combin it out, i tried applyin mustard, relish, peanut butter, mayo, eggs, bacon greece, jam, puddin, and when that all didn't work I tried some WD48. Nothing seemd to help. Then I had a great idear...i'll just shave off all my hair! Smart, I know.

When the wife came home I told her the whole story. She then asked me, "Why didn't you try washin it out, you goofball?" This from the woman who did the same darn thing when she got gum in her hairdo. We're made for each other. We're bald and beautiful.

Take Care Y'all

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