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October 01, 2018

Good morning crew,

Solar Outdoor LightWell, it only took seven years, but we have finally updated our design. Just think, all the way back in 2011 all of newsletters were published in plain text format. But back then, a lot of people still didn't have the software to read html. Since then, technology has raced past us. Now, a significant portion of our subscribers read our e-zines on their smart devices, and the full screen format we have been using for the last seven years is inconvenient to scroll around.

So, we have streamlined the format. Hopefully the text will be easier to read and the entire issue will fit on your screen without any need to scroll back and forth. Scrolling up and down is unavoidable, unfortunately.

Let me know what you think? Is is easier to read? Do you like the new format? Let me know!

Laugh it up,


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"I saw that Gucci debuted a pair of leather underwear for men. Leather underwear. The designers were like, 'How can we make a humid day a thousand times worse?'" -Jimmy Fallon


"The investment banking firm Goldman Sachs joined Instagram in an attempt to endear themselves to a new generation. Today, Goldman posted a meme that said, 'We're the reason your parents lost your childhood home.'" -Conan O'Brien


"A man in Ireland has created a working Batman outfit with 23 different features. So now he just has to sit back and wait for somebody to murder his parents." -Seth Meyers
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An elderly gentleman checked into a New York hotel. The clerk mentioned the phone service the establishment made available for calling guests who wished to rise at an early hour.

"No need for that, young man," snapped the old timer. "I always wake up at five A.M. sharp - without an alarm clock."

"Very good, sir," the clerk replied, then asked, "Would you mind calling me at six?"
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A customer at a coffee shop was clearly peeved by the text message he'd just received. "You ever have that ex-girlfriend who just won't go away?" he asked his friend.

"Yeah," came the reply. "My wife."

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