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September 29, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

WarningThe dating scene in Russia is a tough game. Because apparently, whether you're flirting with some guy in a restaurant or responding to profiles on a dating site, you could fall victim to someone like Russia's 'Cannibal Wife'.

There's a title that's not easy to earn, but 43 year-old Natalia Baksheeva definitely put in the effort. According to investigators, last year Baksheeva confessed to at least 30 murder or cannibal cases over 18 years, but none of the cases were "confirmed" by law enforcement sources. Victims were allegedly lured by Baksheeva and her husband after being found on dating websites.

But it was her final victim that sealed Baksheeva's fate.

Baksheeva has been charged with "inciting" her husband to kill Elena Vashrusheva, a waitress, who she believed was flirting with him.

Her husband, Dmitry Baksheev, 35, nicknamed "Devil", followed his wife's orders and took out the knife that he always kept in his bag, and stabbed the woman twice in her chest. The victim died from her injuries on the spot.

Police found a gruesome collection of "steamed" and frozen human remains from the 35-year-old waitress in the couple's kitchen. At least one jar with pickled human remains and 19 slices of skin were also discovered.

The investigation found that Baksheev dismembered the woman's body and posed for selfies with severed limbs and then took some body parts home. Some were cooked, and the waitress's remains were found in his fridge and freezer.

An Investigative Committee official said; "Genetic experts proved that all samples belonged to the killed woman."

It is unclear if the authorities have probed another alleged murder in 2012, or a picture found at the couple's flat believed to show a severed human head served as dinner and garnished with mandarin oranges in 1999.


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This Is The Way I Want To Go

A famous Italian playboy who slept with thousands of women has died aged 63 while having sex with a 23-year-old tourist, it is reported. Maurizio Zanfanti, dubbed the 'Romeo of Rimini', was getting intimate with the woman when he had a heart attack, according to local media. Realising something was seriously wrong, the Romanian tourist alerted the emergency services, but he could not be saved. Zanfanti, who is rumoured to have bedded more than 6,000 women in his lifetime, had reportedly known the tourist for a couple of years. Zanfanti, who rose to fame promoting the nightclubs in the 1970s, once claimed to have sex with up to 200 women a summer. He said he loved each and every one of them. He previously claimed to have never been to a gym. "But I did a lot of gymnastics on beds," he laughed.
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Man Cut Off Own Arm While Making Sausages

A 69-year-old Vietnam vet who lost a hand after it got stuck in a meat mixer while he was making sausage at his North Dakota home says he had to slice off his left arm above the wrist with a butcher knife or risk bleeding to death. Myron Schlafman said he credits two police officers with saving his life by quickly applying a tourniquet before ambulance crews took him to the hospital. Schlafman said he was taking a chunk of meat out of the mixer in the garage of his Jamestown home when he accidentally stepped on a pedal to activate the machine. The bone was severed, but his arm was still caught by muscle, nerves and skin. He grabbed the knife, which was mercifully within reach, and cut himself free. Schlafman spent nine days in the hospital and underwent three surgeries. He will be fitted with a prosthetic in a few months, after the stump on his left arm has fully healed. "It would be very easy to sit back, feel sorry for myself and get depressed," he said. "I went through Vietnam. I can handle this."


Hey Lewis, Whatever those people at the fashion show were thinking about, it wasn't the future, plastics, the water shortage, or the environment.

Popular sentiment legal immigration is good. Not popular sentiment: "Illegal immigration is good". Trying to pretend they are the same thing doesn't help anyone. Get your facts straight mate. -John

Don't you think giving fashion models three boobs is a little bit sexist? In this hyper sensitive time we're living in I'm surprised that would fly at all.
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