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Friday, September 21, 2018

Good morning,

Fall is almost here, and this is when many homeowners staring thinking about adding to or replacing their roof insulation. Usually a good idea!

If this is you, think green.

There are a number of alternatives to the usual fiberglass insulation which might be a little more expensive, but are safer for you and your family and safer for the environment.

Please scroll down for some green insulation alternatives.

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* Recycled cellulose fiber is made from newspaper and other paper products. It was more expensive, but it has far better insulation quality than normal fiberglass; therefore, over time there will be substantial cost savings. The insulation is treated to make it fire retardant. It is also treated to be a vermin repellent - no more mice and bugs in your roof!

* Another trash into insulation treasure is denim and cotton waste. In most of these products, the recycled content is around 80 percent. Like recycled cellulose, the denim is treated with boric acid to give it fire retardant properties and repel vermin. One of the advantages of the denim insulation over recycled cellulose is that it's a little easier to handle. Where cellulose insulation is blown into the roof and is loose, denim insulation comes in rolls.

* Made from soybean oil, soy insulation is sprayed into the roof area where it expands, filling cracks before hardening. It will char but will not sustain a flame and will last the life of the building.