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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

If you ever watched the movie 'Mrs. Doubtfire' and though, 'bullshit', wait until you read about this man/woman.

Porn is a tough business. Once you've seen the same thing a few thousand times you have to come up with something new and exciting. And Bryan Deneumostier of South Florida thought he had a great idea. He would trick straight men into thinking he was a woman and record their sex sessions. He was surprisingly successful.

33-year-old Deneumostier would cross-dressed as a woman and taped himself having sex with at least 80 unsuspecting straight men to produce internet porn videos.

He was arrested on charges of making unlawful recordings of commercial sex acts for an adult website. An indictment lists three victims related to his operation of "StraightBoyz." The site promised gay men videos of real straight men being conned into accepting sex acts.

"The site offered for streaming approximately 619 'hook up' videos that depicted sexual activity between Deneumostier and other men," according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. "The defendant had surreptitiously made audio and video recordings of the sexual encounters, without the victims' knowledge or consent."

Agents with Homeland Security Investigations believe Deneumostier posed as a "real, heterosexual female" and posted ads on Craigslist seeking flings at her house. Agents found that at least 80 of the men depicted on the site were victims, never knowing their sexual encounters were being recorded and uploaded to the web.

Deneumostier pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal interception of oral communications and faces up to 10 years in prison.

Well, it sounds like he'll be popular there.


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*- McDonald's Pays Students $25,000 After Prank -*

McDonald's paid $25,000 to two Texas college students who hung a fake poster of themselves in the eatery for months. Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where DeGeneres informed them McDonald's had offered to pay them each $25,000 and feature them in an ad campaign. The prank went viral after Maravilla shared a photo of the poster, saying he wanted to boost Asian representation in the advertisement posters by placing the fake ad on a blank wall in the restaurant. The two friends went to their neighborhood event center to take photos of themselves holding McDonald's menu items and then printed them onto a large poster. Maravilla then purchased a McDonald's uniform from a local Goodwill store and printed a fake badge to pose as a "Regional Interior Coordinator," before returning to the restaurant to hang the poster on the blank wall. Maravilla said a representative from McDonald's corporate contacted him after the prank went viral and invited the friends to an event after the store after informing them they weren't in trouble.


* Mom Arrested for Taking Teen Daughter's Phone *

It can be hard disciplining teens. One Michigan mother thought she had a great solution when she confiscated her daughter's cell phone after she got in trouble at school. But Jodie May's ex-husband, who had given the phone to the girl, didn't think much of the plan and reported it to the police as a theft. May was nursing her 4-week-old baby when a deputy knocked on her door, telling her she'd be arrested on a misdemeanor theft charge. "He had told me that he was going to arrest me, and I asked him if I could turn myself in on that Monday by myself, that I had a new baby. She wasn't taking the bottle yet," she said. Her proposals weren't accepted. She was arrested and taken to a holding cell. That's good police work, right there. Just a few short minutes into the trial, the assistant prosecutor announced it was not theft, so the case was dismissed and May left the courthouse with a clean record.

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The Democrats, after being forced to abandon it in the 60s, managed to bring segregation back to the joy of their followers. I wonder how long it will be before we can all be equal again. -John

Louis, Re: the three legged Pitbull sex, How old was the dog? Maybe puppyporn charges are in order. Does that go by Calendar years or 'Dog years'? -JB
[You're putting WAY too much thought into this.]

You know, if a person with a metal hip, or some other surgically implanted metal, will set off a metal detector, you'd think the gold would set it off too, even if it is up his butt.
[It might have. Maybe that's how they caught him in the first place.]

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