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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

There has got to be a better way to transport valuables, but apparently still one of the most popular ways is up one's butt. At least across borders. Personally, I would rather pay the tax than do what these rather disgusting international gold smugglers did.

A man has been arrested by the Customs department at the Indira Gandhi International airport here for allegedly trying to smuggle a kilogram of gold by hiding it in his rectum, an official statement said. The 24-year-old passenger was intercepted upon his arrival from Dubai.

Upon a detailed examination of his baggage and a personal search, it was discovered that the accused had hidden nine gold bars, weighing 1.04 kg, inside his rectum, the statement said.

What kind of baggage searches are they conducting in Delhi if they found the gold up his butt?

The gold bars were seized and the passenger was arrested.

In another case, a French national and an Indian were arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle gold into the country. One of them had come from Chennai, and the other, who holds a French passport, arrived here from Singapore.

"A detailed baggage and personal search of the passengers resulted in the recovery of one gold bar and five gold biscuits weighing 1.5 kgs," the customs department said, adding that the duo were arrested and the gold was seized.

The gold market in India must be really hot.


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Carpool Scofflaw Tried to Trick Cops with Skeleton

Police in Washington state shared three photos of creative carpool lane cheats -- including one who used a Halloween skeleton as a passenger. The Washington State Patrol shared three photos this week showing the faux-passengers that high-occupancy vehicle lane users used in unsuccessful attempts to ward off scrutiny from police. One of the photos featured a Halloween skeleton dressed in a jacket and a baseball cap. Another example shows a pillow dressed in a hoodie and holding a cup of coffee and a tablet. HOV lane violations are punished by a $136 fine in Washington state.


Man Avoids Bestiality Charge Because of Loophole

There is the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. For example; the 'spirit' of bestiality laws is that you shouldn't sexually molest animals. It's just gross and it's not fair to the animals. But the letter of the law can be iffy, as one man in Florida discovered to his advantage. Florida authorities are powerless to prosecute a former animal shelter worker accused of performing sex acts on a dog because while the current law prohibits bestiality, it doesn't explicitly forbid oral sex with animals. Now, animal advocacy groups are calling for an amendment to the law after the state attorney's office reportedly declined to charge suspect Eric Antunes with animal cruelty for allegedly engaging in oral sex with his girlfriend's three-legged pit-bull mix. Antunes, however, does face child pornography-related charges after police said he allegedly admitted to downloading and viewing kiddie porn on his computer, according to reports.

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Someone wrote; "Lewis, you don't really believe in that religious mumbo-jumbo, do you? Even the Pope said there's no hell." Tell that reader that 'the pope was never married'! Not until you've been married can you really believe in hell.

LEWIS; Sadly I can remember back in late 1960s when self-imposed segregation and racial debating were frequent on-campus problems. Whether a white gal or a black gal was homecoming queen was a big deal. There were clubs for students of certain ethnicities. It is indeed shameful that such practices still exist today. -R.S.

Louis, if people willingly segregate themselves, does that mean the segregationists were right in the first place? Everything is getting very confusing lately.
[Don't worry, you're not alone.]

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