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Before I reveal the NEW Celebrity Nooz Poll, let's take a look at the previous Celebrity Nooz Poll...and the results.

What is your favorite shark movie?
Jaws 60% (9)
Jaws 2 7% (1)
Jaws 3-D 0% (0)
Jaws: The Revenge 0% (0)
Deep Blue Sea 13% (2)
47 Meters Down 13% (2)
Sharknado 7% (1)
The Shallows 0% (0)
Open Water 0% (0)
The Meg 0% (0)
Shark Night 3D 0% (0)
Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus 0% (0)
Other 0% (0)

No surprise. "Jaws" was the big winner. As it should be. Thanks for voting!

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Olivia Newton-John says she's battling cancer a third time
Grammy-winning singer Olivia Newton-John is battling cancer for the third time.

The 69-year-old Australian singer and actress spoke out in an interview with Seven's Sunday Night after doctors discovered a tumor in her lower back last year.

"I'm one of millions in this fight. I shouldn't say fight... in this journey," Newton-John said. "I see it as part of my... whatever you want to call it. I see it as part of my mission, maybe."

"I'm still treating it, and I'm treating it naturally and doing really well," she added.

Newton-John made dietary changes, including cutting out sugar, and is undergoing radiation treatments. She also uses cannabis oil to treat her pain.

"My husband's always there, and he's always there to support me, and I believe I will win over it and that's my goal," the star said, referencing husband John Easterling.

Newton-John was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. She was diagnosed with breast cancer again in 2013, and postponed tour dates in May 2017 after discovering the cancer in her lower back.

"I decided on my direction of therapies after consultation with my doctors and natural therapists and the medical team at my Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia," the actress said at the time.

Newton-John is known for starring in the 1978 movie musical Grease, and has since appeared as a guest judge on American Idol, RuPaul's Drag Race and Dancing with the Stars. She will celebrate her 70th birthday Sept. 26.

Miss America 2019 rebranded as Miss America 2.0
Miss America aired as the new Miss America 2.0.

Sunday's event marked a change for Miss America which dropped the swimsuit portion of its competition in June.

Instead the competition, no longer referred to as a pageant, focused more on empowering women and featured its contestants supporting causes such as Miss New Jersey Jaime Gialloreto's Don't Get Nutty: Food Allergy Awareness program.

Miss Michigan Emily Sioma brought attention to the Flint water crisis happening in her state while introducing herself. "From the state with 84% of the United States' fresh water, but none for its residents to drink," she said.

Sioma, who received praise on social media for her statements, also brought attention to violence against women.

Nia Franklin, an opera singer representing New York, was crowned Miss America 2019 during the competition.

Franklin advocated for equal opportunity and education in interview questions and said she would promote the arts during her time as Miss America.

"I grew up at a predominately Caucasian school and there was only five percent minority, and I felt out of place so much because of the color of my skin," Franklin said during the competition. "But growing up, I found my love of arts, and through music that helped me to feel positive about myself and about who I was."

Bridget Oei, Miss Connecticut, was named first runner-up at the event which took place in Atlantic City, N.J. Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba hosted the ceremony with Laila Ali, Bobby Bones, Randy Jackson, Jessie James Decker, Soledad O'Brien, Alli Webb and Carnie Wilson serving as judges.

"I haven't been on the internet in months. I have no apps on my phone, no photo editing apps. I have Peak, a brain game... The reason why is, it's not real to me... I know my voice is very prominent, but I'm not careless with it. I'm selective."
--Selena Gomez, on only being able to update her Instagram from the phone of a friend she's given access to, in her Elle October cover story

??? Guess Who ???

Which singer-songwriter earned EGOT status with an Emmy win?

New episodes of 'Trading Spaces' to air in 2019
TLC has announced production is underway on the 2019 season of its home makeover show Trading Spaces.

The series will once again feature Paige Davis as host. Also returning for the fresh episodes are designers and carpenters Brett Tutor, Carter Oosterhouse, Doug Wilson, Frank Bielec, Genevieve Gorder, Hildi Santo Tomas, Joanie Sprague, John Gidding, Kahi Lee, Laurie Smith, Sabrina Soto, Ty Pennington and Vern Yip.

"Trading Spaces was the first home makeover series of its kind and launched a generation of shows to follow in the television home design genre," a press release from the cable network said. "Two sets of neighbors trade rooms for two days and, with the help of a designer and carpenter, make over a room with a budget of $2,000."

The show initially ran 2000-08, and returned for a ninth season this year.

Robert Pattinson says he's 'ready' for 'Twilight' reunion
Twilight star Robert Pattinson says he's "ready" for a reunion.

The 32-year-old British actor discussed the possibility of another sequel in an interview with Variety published Sunday.

"The amount of time I've spent moisturizing, I am ready to play 17 at a moment's notice. Ready!" he joked.

Pattinson played Edward Cullen in Twilight (2008) and its four sequels. He talked about the movie's lasting influence and its upcoming 10th anniversary.

"Whenever anyone says [Twilight's] their guilty pleasure, it's like, you say guilty, what you really mean is just a pleasure," the star said.

"It definitely doesn't feel like 10 years ago," he added. "I feel like I stopped mentally progressing around the time when I started doing those movies, so feels like not a day has passed."

Pattinson previously discussed the possibility of a Twilight reboot with Yahoo! Movies.

"I mean, I'm always kind of curious," he said. "Anything where there's a mass audience -- or seemingly an audience for it -- I always like the idea of subverting people's expectations."

"There could be some radical way of doing it, which would be quite fun," he added. "It's always difficult when there's no source material. But, yeah, I'm always curious."

The Twilight films co-starred Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Pattinson will next star in the movie High Life, which premiered Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

??? Guess Who ???

Which singer-songwriter earned EGOT status with an Emmy win?

John Legend made history Sunday by becoming to latest artist to earn EGOT status after winning an Emmy at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Legend won the Emmy for variety special as a producer on NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert alongside composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice.

The trio became the 13th, 14th and 15th performers to have won throughout their career an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Legend is the first black man to complete the EGOT and ties Robert Lopez as the youngest man to earn the distinction.

Legend has won 10 Grammys, an Oscar alongside rapper Common for Best Original Song for "Glory" in the film Selma and a Tony for Best Revival of a Play for co-producing Jitney. The singer is also nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for his role in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert at the main Emmy Awards on Sept. 17.

"When I got into the music business it was a dream of mine to win Grammys and have plenty of success as a musician and sell lots of records and tour around the world as a performer, but I never had a dream of winning an EGOT, I didn't even know what that was at the time," Legend told Variety after the win.

Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen posted on Twitter a photo of Legend, Webber and Rice holding up their Emmys. "EGOT GOATS," she said.

Past EGOT winners include Lopez, Helen Hayes, Rita Moreno, John Gielgud, Audrey Hepburn, Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Rodgers, Marvin Hamlisch, Jonathan Tunick, Mike Nichols, Scott Rudin and Mel Brooks.