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September 04, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Flashlight DeptMore than half of household dust enters your home through windows, doors, vents and on the soles of your shoes. Think about where you walk all day long (restrooms, city streets, construction sites, etc.) and all the bacteria and debris your shoes collect.

Do you really want to track that inside? An EPA study of homes where a doormat was added at the entrance and shoes were banned indoors showed a 60 percent reduction of lead dust and other contaminants in the home, as well as a significant reduction of allergens and bacteria.

Your first line of defense should be a coarse-fiber heavy-duty doormat placed outside exterior doors. Inside, have everyone remove shoes at the door. Keep a bench, a shoe rack and a basket of cheap slippers available so no one has to walk around in their stocking feet on chilly floors.

Handy Hints Holly
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Handy Hints #1

Microwaving leftovers is easy, but it can also be a real crap shoot when it comes to quality. To make sure last night’s dinner tastes just as good tonight, place a moist paper towel
over your plate before microwaving it. The steam will make everything delicious.

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Handy Hints #2

It’s no secret that the corrosive acid in throw away batteries is extremely damaging to soil when they end up in landfills.

Although the recharging unit is initially an unexpected expense, long term, this will save you money. And you’ll never find yourself short of a battery when you need one!

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