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Friday, August 31, 2018

Good morning crew,

What's the luck? It's the big, 3-day Labor Day weekend, and it is supposed to thunderstorm all weekend in my area. I mean ALL weekend.

I've never let a few sprinkles keep me from having a cookout, but a lightning strike might ruin the party.

On the other hand I can put off digging that stump up for another week.

Laugh it up,


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"Today is Thursday. Or what I like to call on Friday, 'yesterday.'" -Jimmy Fallon


"Astronomers at NASA are saying that they discovered a new Earth-like planet that's only 4.2 light years away. I know, I reacted the exact same way as you did. I don't know how far that is either." -James Corden


"KFC has come out with a sunscreen that makes you smell like fried chicken. Of course if you want to smell like KFC, you could just ride around in any single guy's car." -Conan O'Brien


Early one evening a gentleman scuttled out to his garage and pulled the lawn furniture out onto the driveway. Shortly after followed the lawnmower, a few gardening tools and a bicycle.

A curious neighbor wandered over and asked if he was going to have a garage sale.

"No," replied the gentleman, "my son just bought his first car and right now he's getting ready for a big date. He'll be taking the car out soon to pick up the girl."

"So what's with all the stuff?" asked the neighbor.

"Well, after years of moving tricycles, toys and sports equipment out of the way every time I came home from work, I wanted to make sure the driveway was ready for him."

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes --------------*

Did you know you can find the sex of an ant by putting it
in water?

If it sinks: girl ant.

If it floats: boy ant.