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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Like the song says, 'New York, New York, it's a wonderful town.' And while Manhattan has the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and The Guggenheim Museum, the borough of The Bronx has its own attractions, like the sex club run by New York City Housing Authority workers out of a Bronx housing project.

According to Monique Johnson, the president of the Throggs Neck Houses Tenant Association, "Supervisors were allegedly having sexual relations with caretakers. There was drinking and sexual acts going on. I now understand why work wasn't getting done."

Apparently the booze-fueled orgies that took place inside offices, the groundskeepers shop and even empty apartments, got so wild, staff members were known to find up to a dozen people taking part.

And it wasn't much of a secret, as workers shot videos and took photos of the fun as evidence.

Eventually, things got so bad that complaints were filed with the Department of Investigation, and the NYCHA had to transfer the entire complex staff of roughly 40 people to another location as a result.

NYCHA spokesperson Robin Levine said the department had "long-standing concerns about management and performance issues" at the Throggs Neck houses.

"Those concerns, coupled with troubling allegations of misconduct, are why the staff was reassigned," Levine said.

Notice they were "reassigned" and not sacked. That's a city job for you. Spend all day getting drunk and laid on city time and still don't get fired. Anybody working in the private sector is a sucker.


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When Life Hands You Lemons, This Guy Will Steal Them

A California sheriff's office said deputies conducting a traffic stop arrested a man found to be transporting 800 pounds of stolen lemons. The Riverside County Sheriff's Office said deputies were investigating a string of recent agricultural thefts when they conducted the traffic stop Friday. The sheriff's office said Los Angeles resident Dioncio Fierros, 69, was found to be transporting about 800 pounds of freshly picked lemons that had been illegally taken from a nearby farm.


*- World Dive Chess Championship Held in London -*

Much like ski-boxing, and women's basketball, underwater chess sounds like a madeup activity, but apparently it is popular enough that a world championship was held recently in London where chess players showed off their skills - as well as their lung capacities. The underwater tournament featured players taking turns diving underwater to make their moves on a chess board submerged in a pool. The rules require a player to make a move before coming up for air, and the next player must then go underwater until they have made a response move. Organizers said the aquatic twist makes the ancient game of chess more challenging and faster-paced.

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It would be very interesting to know how the authorities came up with the specific number or 1460 sexual acts with animals. Who was watching (and counting)? why didn't they stop/report them after the first time? -Michelle
[That's a good question. For example; is milking a cow considered a sexual act?]

I'm not surprised the jury found the woman innocent in the castration case, Lewis, though I can't agree with the verdict. I was in North Carolina/South Carolina for a little while, and in my opinion, there's no people anywhere down there that will not automatically take the woman's side no matter what she's done. That's just one of many reasons why I will never live in or spend any time in either of those states again, or in that part of the country either, for that matter.

I seriously don't think these 'antifa' goons have any idea who they're calling Nazis. Libertarianism, small government, and individual responsibility is pretty much the opposite of Naziism. Nazi Germany was a police state, and it seems like that's right where we're heading right now. Unless I'm completely misinterpreting everything I'm seeing on the news.

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