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Looking Good - August 22, 2018

*-- How To Boost Your Bust (Without Implants) --*

In a world that seems to be fascinated with breasts and bust size, it can be rather lonely for us with a smaller chest to feel as if we really fit in. Sure, we can always go the implant route, but do you really want to?

A lot of women with a smaller bust like how they look naked. It's as soon as they throw some clothes on over top of their chest that it suddenly seems to, well, fall flat. Rather than resort to expensive and potentially dangerous surgery, you can use some simple tricks to give the illusion of you having a larger chest.

Stand up Straight

Let's start with an easy one right here. If you have any sort of stoop or slouch when you stand, stop that immediately. Start focusing on straightening up your back and improving your posture. This can immediately add an entire "cup" size to your appearance - no joke!

Wear a Properly Fitted Bra... And then Pad It

Get yourself properly measured before you do any further bra shopping. The number that you are told doesn't really matter; whether you are an A cup, a B cup, or even a DD cup isn't an issue as long as you can make your breasts look great in whatever you are wearing. Now if you really want to add some extra "oomph" to your bosom, it's time to hunt around for a padded or push up bra.

There are a lot of different kinds out there. One of the newest is a padded push up bra that will add two cup sizes to your current bust. If you really want to go all out, this is definitely the bra to get. It is padded on the side and the bottom and it looks 100% natural with a shirt on or off.

If you don't really want to go an entire 2 cups larger, than a basic padded or push up bra will do. Look for a push up or padded bra that allows you to add more inserts in the side as well for those days where you may want to add a bit more of a lift to your bust, or if you tend to have swollen and larger breasts during certain times of the month, you can the remove the inserts for comfort reasons.

What about Bathing Suits?

Bathing suits are now made with the smaller girl in mind. A lot of bathing suits not only offer you the option to insert more "cookies" to add a bit more size, but there are a lot of "aqua" bathing suits as well that have larger water-based inserts that will boost you up a size or two.

Many lingerie shops have also opened up their own line of bathing suits, many of which offer push up bathing suit options for those who want to add a bit of size and shape to their breasts. But when all else fails, invest in a pair of $10 silicone inserts and you can boost your bust any time.


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