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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Women have a long and complicated relationship with alcohol and nudity. If you have been reading Bizarre News for a while you already know that. This week we see yet another example out of Pennsylvania, except this story includes lewdness and harassment. She must be one heck of a girl.

State troopers allege a Derry Township woman "stripped off her clothes" to mock no trespassing signs posted on a neighbor's property.

Trooper John Robertson reported that 24-year-old Brianna Waibel admitted she was intoxicated when she used a rock to break a window on a sport utility vehicle, causing about $200 in damage. Allegedly.

Waibel is charged by state police with indecent exposure, open lewdness, harassment, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and scattering litter.

There must not be a lot to do in Derry Township on a Wednesday night.


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*-- Southwest Jets to Get One More Horsepower --*

It started with dogs, cats, and bunnies, and evolved into peacocks, ducks, pigs, and even a kangaroo. Service animals on planes have become more and more common and more and more bizarre. Some airlines have tryed to limit the types of animals people can bring onto planes, but Southwest has just announced that come September 17, people will be able to carry miniature horses onboard Southwest flights as trained service animals. In the statement, officials name miniature horses, along with dogs and cats, as some of the most common service animals that will be accepted onboard. Passengers, however, will need to be able to provide credible verbal assurance that the animal is a trained service animal. In addition, the company will also limit each passenger to one Emotional Support Animal. Which makes sense. You don't want more than one horse per flight.


Fortune Cookie Leads Man to $125,000 Lottery Prize

A Washington state man said he followed the advice inside a fortune cookie and won a $125,000 lottery jackpot. The Vancouver resident told Washington's Lottery officials he discovered three fortunes inside a single cookie recently and decided to follow the advice printed on two of them: "Buy a ticket. All your financial troubles will soon be solved." The man said he bought a Hit 5 ticket from the Plaid Pantry in Vancouver and initially thought he won $125, but later discovered his jackpot was $125,000. "Who knew my day would be turned upside down by the message on a fortune cookie?" the man said. He said he planned to celebrate his win by spending some of the money on a sushi dinner.

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Vodka, and mental/emotional instability, Lewis. There's no better combination when it comes to seeing things that aren't there, and getting violent in the process.

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